A historic chance to choose fair elections for BC

If ye live in BC, then later this month, ye’ll receive a referendum ballot in th’ mail that offers th’ chance t’ make one o’ th’ most excitin’ – an’, I think, necessary – changes t’ our political system in decades. It’s th’ vote on Proportional Representation. I ha’nae posted t’ me blog in a while, but I felt it were bein’ important t’ share info about this with everyone (an’ apologies if ye dern’t currently live in BC! Send it along t’ all yer BC maties though!)
I’ve been quite involved in th’ “Aye” side’s awareness campaign, an’ I even created an animation that shows clearly, in 90 seconds, just why our current system needs t’ change! You can view it by clickin’ th’ link below.

90-Second Video – Why FPTP must go!
Here’s an article by Eoin Finn in Common Ground titled “Proportional Representation: An Historic Opportunity t’ Improve Democracy in BC”. Eoin has actually experienced Proportional Representation. The ornery cuss is Irish an’ th’ Irish have had a PR votin’ system e’er since Irelan’ became a Republic almost 100 years ago! Like Eoin, I feel strongly that proportional representation (PR or Pro Rep) is an important upgrade we must make t’ our current “first past th’ post” (FPTP) votin’ system so we can have a truly representative democracy in BC.
Please consider votin’ YES fer PR in th’ upcomin’ referendum.

Some resources fer ye

My matey Jackie DeRoo shared th’ followin’ comprehensive list o’ resources about Pro Rep an’ I felt I couldn’t do better than t’ just pass it along!

Notice from Elections BC
“British Columbia is havin’ a referendum on what votin’ system we should use fer provincial elections. The referendum is bein’ held by mail from Oct 22 – Nov 30, 2018. Registered voters will get a votin’ package in th’ mail from Elections BC.”
To be eligible t’ vote an’ t’ receive yer ballot, ye must be registered t’ vote at yer current address. Visit th’ Elections BC website.

Information about PR

Want t’ get involved?

I’ve been doin’ some work with Leadnow an’ their “PR fer BC” campaign. Referendum ballots be bein’ mailed out startin’ Oct 22 an’ Leadnow is holdin’ an in-person Volunteer Orientation on Wed, Oct 24th, 7 PM, at Creekside Community Centre in Olympic Village. Leadnow staff will explain th’ plan fer how we’re goin’ t’ help win Pro Rep fer BC, an’ how ye can get involved. We can’t do it without ye! Here is th’ link fer more information an’ t’ RSVP fer th’ orientation.
Pro Rep Volunteer Orientation – Vancouver | Leadnow.ca

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