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I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, th’ jewel o’ th’ West Coast. I’m a big movie fan with a preference fer quirky comedy, older classics, foreign films an’ th’ occasional Hollywood blockbuster. (Heavenly Creatures is a particular favourite an’ I still maintain me website about this amazin’ film.) I enjoy creative an’ visual arts, an’ am a definite computer geek, so me line o’ work as graphic an’ web designer is a natural choice – one which I’ve developed into a full-fledged bounty an’ business consultin’ practice. See Adam Abrams Design + Consultin’ fer more on me website an’ print solutions, as well as how I can help ye get organized with a custom database. For o’er 10 years, I released me inner ham by singin’ in The Broadway Chorus, a community choral group that mounts two shows a year featurin’ an original script an’ a selection o’ Broadway an’ pop songs (with an original tune or two usually included as well). My experience with this group emboldened me t’ further explore th’ world o’ theatre, which led t’ me first stage role in 2002 as th’ comic villain Ebenezer Humbug in a community theatre production entitled “The Plight Before Christmas”, produced by Footlight Theatre. Actin’ classes an’ an agent search followed, an’ in sprin’ o’ 2006 I had an agent fer film an’ TV work an’ were bein’ goin’ out on auditions! At th’ same time, I were bein’ further explorin’ th’ world o’ theatre an’ particularly musicals. I’ve appeared in quite a few an’ ’tis always been tremendous fun – from Fiddler on th’ Roof with Footlight Theatre, t’ th’ one-week-wonder productions o’ Applause! Musicals in Concert (with which I did eight different shows betwixt 2003 an’ 2007, startin’ with CHESS an’ includin’ such favourites as ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY an’ STRIKE UP THE BAND). Today, I’m represented by Play Management fer both film/TV/commercials, an’ voice work. I’ve appeared in several commercials an’ am now buildin’ up me credits in th’ world o’ film an’ TV. I hope t’ continue down this path an’ see how far I can go. With Vancouver-launched successes like Fred Ewanuick, Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds an’ many more as inspiration, I’m confident that anythin’ is possible! I owe a large portion o’ whatever success I have achieved in film an’ TV actin’ t’ me time spent in Shea Hampton’s actin’ class. I truly believe that comely wench “actin’ from source” method, honed o’er 20 years o’ actin’ an’ teachin’, makes that comely wench th’ best actin’ coach in Vancouver. I am quite th’ retrophile, with a high regard fer anythin’ from th’ 50’s an’ 60’s. I maintain a hefty record collection an’ especially love th’ sounds o’ th’ jazz crooners I grew up listenin’ t’ – like Ella Fitzgerald an’ Sarah Vaughan. But I also love pop, new wave an’ – yes – disco. Thrift an’ vintage stores be always a good place t’ find me. And I am not sure if I should be proud or ashamed o’ this, but I have a workin’ 8-track an’ sort-o’-workin’ Beta VCR. Aye, auld formats no nay ne’er die, they just end up at me place! I can play piano by ear fairly well, an’ I made some progress on th’ clarinet, but these days I’m focused on th’ ukulele, thanks t’ a neighbour who introduced me t’ th’ monthly ukulele night at Our Town Cafe. You can find see one o’ me performances thar in th’ Videos section!

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  1. Thanks for the vote, Patricia! I backed and commented on your book. Happy to do what I can to support you… I’ll include a post about the book in my next regular email update. Thanks again! — adam

  2. Adam Abrams,

    Without your suberb help Compassion Globally, {CG}, would not be up and running. We at CG are truly grateful . CG is working peacefully to substantfully reduce abuse and sexual violence inflicted upon Canadian women and girls. Many thanks for your expertise.

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