Acting Resumé

Represented fer Film/TV/Commercials an’ Voiceover by Play Management Inc., 604-677-7529 Download a PDF o’ me actin’ resume
The 9th Life o’ Louis Drax Actor Dir: Alexandre Aja Brightlight
Untold Stories o’ th’ Maternity Ward Actor Urgent Care Productions
Stolen From th’ Womb Actor Dir: Jamie Goehrin’, Lifetime
Psych Actor Dir: Kirsten Nelson, USA Network
Untold Stories o’ th’ ER Actor Urgent Care Productions
Klondike Store Manager 2013
Kal Tire Neighbour 2012
Nike Dry Cleaner 2011
Peugeot Hot Dog Vendor 2009
Suddenlink Hot Tubber 2009
Gee Willikers, SPACE! Rock Theatre Company Warren Philbert
The Trouble with Richard North Van Community Players Richard
Bruce, th’ Musical Theatre in th’ Raw Danny, Harry Rankin
APPLAUSE! Musicals in Concert Vari’us shows Chorus an’ Solo Performer
The Broadway Chorus 2 shows/year, 2001-2012 Chorus an’ Solo Performer
Shea Hampton Individual classes 2009-2012, present
Michael Bean / BizStudio One-on-one trainin’ 2005
William Davis Centre fer Actors’ Study Individual classes 2004-2005
Height: 6’2″Weight: 172 lbs Hair Color: Black Eyes: Brown

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