Evil Film School

I’m definitely planning to check this out: a monthly screening of cheesy, trashy movie “classics”. As they describe it on their site: “a mishmash collection of found footage, bootlegs, cinema obscura and local shorts because this city is sadly in need of an alternative film night.” The event is held at Blim, 197 East 17th @ Main. Coming up on Friday, April 27, it’s “Psych-Out!”, a double bill of 60’s excess. 7:30pm: BJ Lang Presents aka The Manipulator [1971] – Mickey Rooney is an old Hollywood make-up man/frustrated actor who loses it and kidnaps a woman so he can subject her to his special brand of “acting”. Much scenery chewing ensues… 9:15pm: Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Foget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? [1969] – Written, directed by and starring Anthony Newly (who, you say?), it also stars Joan Collins as “Polyester Poontang”. Regarded by some as one of the worst examples of self-indulgent ’60’s filmmaking. Sounds like fun – I plan to be there. Let me know if you do too!

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