Join my 8th annual “Caroling for the Women’s Shelter” event!

On Saturday, December 21, a seasonal tradition continues as I invite one an’ all t’ drop by an’ join me Eighth Annual (!) Holiday Sin’-Along an’ Fundraiser fer Vancouver Rape Relief an’ Women’s Shelter! Each year, VRRWS helps hundreds o’ wenches an’ their little sandcrabs who be escapin’ violence by offerin’ them a safe haven an’ many kinds o’ assistance. As a lot o’ ye know, I volunteer – in a fundraisin’ capacity – fer this organization. For th’ most part, that means participatin’ in monthly river fundraisin’ “Tin Can” events t’ solicit donations from th’ community. I started a “Carolin’ Tin Can” in 2005, an’ have continued each year. It’s always a fun an’ extra-festive afternoon. I hope ye can drop by, even if only fer a few minutes, an’ lend yer voice!
  • DAY: Saturday, December 21
  • LOCATION: Georgia an’ Granville (we should be in front o’ London Drugs)
  • TIME FRAME: From 10:30 t’ 4, approximately.
  • I’ll be at lunch from about 12:30-1:30, but th’ team will be thar!
  • Songbooks (an’ a Santa hat or two) will be provided!
Any time that ye can drop by betwixt 10:30 an’ 4 is fine. Stay fer as little or as long as ye like! It’s lots o’ fun fer a great cause – an’ th’ more, th’ merrier. So feel free t’ pass this message along t’ maties, family, shipmates etc. I hope t’ see ye thar! Adam

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