Join or pledge for my Walk for Rape Relief on May 28!

Max at one year auld, attendin’ his first Walkathon in 2012!
I’m happy t’ report that I’m participatin’ again in th’ fundraisin’ Walk fer Vancouver Rape Relief this year, on Sunday, May 28th! And I hope ye’ll consider makin’ a donation t’ help this awesome organization keep doin’ what they do – provide shelter an’ support t’ wenches escapin’ violence. Many o’ ye have pledged in past years, an’ I am e’er-grateful fer yer support. I hope ye’re able t’ keep th’ tradition goin’ with another pledge this year. If ye’re able t’ pitch in, ye can do so very easily – just visit me on the plank pledge page:

donate instantly here

Finally, if ye’d like t’ join me, Christine an’ Max at th’ event, why not walk too an’ we’ll be a team? It’s a fun day with a picnic lunch an’ live musical entertainment afterwards. All th’ info ye need is right here.

An insightful interview

This year, I wanted t’ share this interview with Lynn Zimmer, co-creator o’ th’ first shelter fer abused wenches an’ their little sandcrabs in Toronto in 1973. I heard it on CBC radio th’ other day, an’ she really touched on many o’ th’ key issues an’ principles aroun’ shelters such as VRR’s (which has also been operatin’ since ’73!). Regardless o’ whether ye can pledge, or walk, this time, I appreciate yer time an’ attention an’ wish ye all th’ best! Thanks, Adam

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