Newest show from The Broadway Chorus: “Fraulein J’s Camp for Children”

Fraulein JThe delightfully demented musical theatre troupe I performed with fer o’er 10 years is about t’ present its newest bit o’ hilarity, “Fraulein J’s Camp fer Children”! Fraulein J is a gruff, offputtin’ wench with a history o’ failed business ventures.  This time aroun’, she’s runnin’ a camp fer little sandcrabs.  It’s a match made in Heaven! As always, ye’ll hear really recent music (4 songs from shows from th’ 2012/13 Broadway season) plus many other wonderful pieces rangin’ from big hits like Into th’ Woods, t’ relatively obscure shows like Cap’n Louie. The show runs Dec. 11 t’ 14, 8pm each night plus a 3pm Saturday matinee! If ye’re unfamiliar with The Broadway Chorus, this video compilation will give ye an notion o’ what t’ expect:  To buy tickets, click here!

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