It’s the “Wittertainment” Movie Theatre Code of Conduct T-Shirt!

Better than wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear the Moviegoer’s Code of Conduct on your shirt! I’ve lovingly created a graphical version of the classic guide from the home of “Wittertainment” and now it can be yours!   Read more »

I’m on the ABC series “Somewhere Between”!

It was a thrill to book a recurring role on an ABC drama, “Somewhere Between”! Catch me in a total of four episodes of this twisty, time-travel mystery/thriller.   Read more »

Is your presentation waving a red flag of doubt? This flyer and site are.

Thanks to wonky grammar, weird wording, and a suspiciously hidden identity, this “grassroots group” is sending the wrong message in this flyer and online.   Read more »

Join or pledge for my Walk for Rape Relief on May 28!

It’s that time again – when helping to stop violence against women is a Walk in the park! I hope you can help me reach my fundraising goal this year – or even join me.   Read more »

A “buy local” challenge – or, don’t help the Amazon CEO buy another boat

A challenge to support your local video store – instead of sending your money to a distant corporate CEO. And how my 6-year-old is helping me to do that!   Read more »