Found after 40 years: “Notes on a Triangle”

40 years after a brief but memorable viewing of this film, I have finally rediscovered it – and my memory of its visuals and wonderful music was perfectly accurate.   Read more »

My letter to the IMDb’s Col Needham: Save the message boards!

My letter to IMDb’s Official Rep, Col Needham on the shocking shutdown of the site’s massive – and massively useful – discussion boards.   Read more »

Video: Ralph Shaw’s farewell evening hosting the Vancouver Ukulele Circle

Here’s a quick look at Ralph Shaw’s last night – for a while – presiding over the monthly Vancouver Ukulele Circle, with a good sampling of the laughter and melancholy that defined the evening.   Read more »

Another letter read out on the Wittertainment podcast!

I did it again! I got a letter read out on the Kermode and Mayo Film Review show on BBC Radio, on the topic of spouting off intentional fake movie spoilers outside the cinema. Here’s the clip of the Dec. 2 show, including the two(!) anecdotes that my letter generated from Mark, as well as a … Continue reading Another letter read out on the Wittertainment podcast!    Read more »

It’s time again to sing holiday tunes and help stop violence against women!

Once again, here’s your opportunity to sing carols and support a great cause with my annual Holiday Sing-Along and Fundraiser for Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter!   Read more »