Trip down CD-ROM memory lane reveals an Apple Watch… from 1995

A decades-old CD revives memories of another Apple – with a “company store” selling Apple sweatshirts and wine glasses, the Newton, and even, yes, an “Apple Watch”. How much has changed!   Read more »

Memories of “NBC News Overnight”, a cult-classic news show from 1982

Back when stations still signed off the air at midnight, and late night was a time for old movies, oddball stuff, and test patterns, NBC News Overnight was something truly special.   Read more »

A historic chance to choose fair elections for BC

If you live in BC, then later this month, you’ll receive a referendum ballot in the mail that offers the chance to make one of the most exciting – and, I think, necessary – changes to our political system in decades. It’s the vote on Proportional Representation. I haven’t posted to my blog in a while, but I felt it was important to share info about this with everyone (and apologies if you don’t currently live in BC! Send it along to all your BC friends though!)   Read more »

Finding a hidden treasure: the modernist relief sculptures of Shaughnessy Hospital

A long and winding search finally revealed a hidden but well-preserved bit of Vancouver architectural history – the relief sculptures and front entrance of Shaughnessy Hospital, now absorbed into Women’s and Children’s Hospital.   Read more »

Support a women’s shelter: donate for my Walk for Rape Relief on June 3

I’m delighted to say that I’m participating again in the fundraising Walk for Vancouver Rape Relief this year, on Sunday, June 3rd! And I hope you’ll consider making a donation to help this fine organization keep doing what they do – provide shelter and support to women escaping violence year after year.    Read more »