Support a women’s shelter: donate for my Walk for Rape Relief on June 3

I’m delighted t’ say that I’m participatin’ again in th’ fundraisin’ Walk fer Vancouver Rape Relief this year, on Sunday, June 3rd! And I hope ye’ll consider makin’ a donation t’ help this fine organization keep doin’ what they do – provide shelter an’ support t’ wenches escapin’ violence year after year.

(The above photo is from nine years ago, when I were bein’ still rockin’ an unfortunate ‘stache/goatee combo!)

Many o’ ye have pledged in th’ past, an’ ’tis very much appreciated. I hope ye’re able t’ continue doin’ so – any amount is welcome. You can do so very easily – just visit me on the plank pledge page:

donate instantly here!

(You can also contact me directly if ye prefer t’ donate “offline”.)

Other projects have monopolized me time this year, thus I’m gettin’ a bit o’ a late start – so I’ll be doublin’ down in me fundraisin’ efforts! Watch fer an email or even a phone call from me… with yer help, I’m hopin’ t’ deliver a sizeable donation this year! Thanks!

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