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Video: Max’s Second Year

Folks may grumble about Hollywood repeating itself, but here’s one sequel you’re bound to enjoy! A year in the filming, weeks in the editing, a brisk 15 or so minutes in the watching… it’s a carefully-crafted compendium of our little guy’s most memorable, meaningful – and mirthful – moments as he made the journey from baby to toddling, talking toddler. Most of it is never-before-seen footage. Hope you like it!   Read more »

See it at last – my first-ever TV drama appearance!

Here it is, all 45 seconds of speaking time (and about a full minute of screen time)! Click the image above,or here,to view. After some success in booking commercials over the past few years, this was an exciting first in many ways for me: First speaking part First dramatic role First appearance on a nationally-aired … Continue reading See it at last – my first-ever TV drama appearance!    Read more »