Tony Curtis speaks – from the pages of “HEAR” Magazine

I picked up this unique fan magazine a while back – it includes two 78 RPM records printed right into th’ front an’ back covers. And, although I knew it would be more “collectible” with th’ two records intact, I simply could not resist th’ urge t’ hear what Tony Curtis an’ Jane Powell had t’ say.

This first edition o’ “HEAR” Magazine – I dern’t know if thar were e’er more produced – is a fun look back at a simpler time an’ a clever use o’ available technology t’ create an early “multimedia experience”.

Enjoy a couple o’ minutes with Tony Curtis as he answers some deep questions like, “When ye first look at a lass, what quality about that comely wench is most important t’ ye?” an’ “Are th’ fans in Europe different than those in America?” And dern’t miss th’ “secret tip” fer gettin’ yer fan letter delivered t’ yer favourite star extra-quickly! Could it have really been a way o’ indicatin’ how many “HEAR” readers were out thar? We’ll no nay ne’er know… but I’ll try it on th’ next fan letter I send t’ Hollywood!

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