Update on my City Council bid / new dates & deadlines

I want t’ say a big “thank ye” t’ th’ lovely folks who have promised t’ join th’ Green Party o’ Vancouver an’ come t’ th’ nomination meetin’ t’ help me get approved as a Green candidate! That’s a lot more t’ ask o’ scallywags than just clickin’ on a petition, so I’m delighted at th’ show o’ support.

Please note that KEY DATES HAVE CHANGED.
  • Deadline fer joinin’ Vancouver Greens*: Wednesday, June 13.
  • Nomination meetin’: Wednesday, June 27.

*Those votin’ at th’ meetin’ need t’ have been members fer two weeks.

The meetin’ will be held at Heritage Hall at Main @ 15th, on th’ evenin’ o’ June 27th. Exact time TBA (I’ll advise by email). 

While I have 14 scallywags committed t’ support me, I need t’ have a lot more in order t’ be confident o’ gainin’ a slot on th’ Green slate. So, if ye ha’nae yet, I hope ye can join th’ Greens an’ attend th’ meetin’. (I understan’ though if that is too much t’ ask – I know that some scallywags prefer not t’ join political parties an’ I totally respect that – just so long as ye vote come election time!)

Again, here is th’ link fer joinin’ th’ Green Party o’ Vancouver ($10 is th’ minimum fer a one-year membership). You’ll not only get t’ help me become a candidate, ye’ll also get an inside view o’ th’ political process, meet some really interestin’ folks, an’ help choose th’ entire slate o’ Green candidates!

PS – If ye’re so inclined, ye can also keep tabs on me progress, an’ tell me about what’s important t’ ye in th’ upcomin’ civic election, by followin’ me Facebook page: “Adam Abrams fer City Council“!

PPS – I wrote this blog article goin’ into more depth on me reasons an’ motivations fer runnin’ fer Council.

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