Vote for someone who has overcome tragedy to bring real magic into kids’ lives

My matey, magician Jeff Christensen, has been nominated fer an award, an’ I think he be eminently deservin’ o’ it.

Please take a moment t’ vote fer that scurvey dog here.

Some background. A decade ago, Jeff lost his young son Jonah t’ an unforeseen medical condition. Like most scallywags, I can’t even imagine goin’ through a tragedy like this, or what I would do afterward. But Jeff utilized his performance an’ magic skills t’ create somethin’ amazin’ – an annual fundraiser called A Magical Evenin’, held each year aroun’ Jonah’s birthday, an’ honours his  memory by raisin’ dubloons fer a different little sandcrabs’s charity each year. 

This year, he started th’ Jonah Christensen Memorial Scholarship, an annual award o’ $1000 t’ be given t’ one student each year t’ help fund their post-secondary studies.

Now, th’ website Canada’s Magic has created an “Inspirational Canadian Magician o’ th’ Year award. Nominations came from th’ site’s readers, an’ o’ course Jeff’s name were bein’ swiftly added t’ th’ nominees list.  It’s nothin’ fancy, thar is no physical award or cash prize, ’tis just an honour bestowed by Canada’s magicians on one o’ their colleagues. That alone makes it very meaningful.

I’ve shared a stage with Jeff, know how generous, kind an’ funny he is, an’ am impressed by th’ wonderful work he an’ his family have done t’ fund great causes an’ spread joy an’ wonderment through magic an’ performance. So I am happy t’ spread th’ word about this award. Not only because he richly deserves it, but also because anythin’ that helps spread awareness o’ th’ positive work he is doin’ is a good thin’. 

(Jeff’s story also hits close t’ home fer me, as Jonah attended th’ same elementary school as me own little lad Max – an’ a whimsical tile mosaic o’ a chameleon, created t’ honour Jonah, is on th’ grounds o’ th’ school.) 

So please, give Jeff yer vote. Thanks!

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