My original creation – Wittertainment: The T-Shirt

TL/DR SUMMARY: I’ve made a graphical tribute to the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Film Review Program and you can get it on  a T-shirt! For several years now I’ve been a fan of the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Film Review, a BBC radio show and podcast. I started listening because the prospect of a British perspective on films sounded intriguing, but I stayed for the dry wit and often-hilarious interplay between the odd-couple cohosts. “Contributor” Mark Kermode actually reviews the films, and host Simon Mayo acts as his foil and opposite number. The “wittering” (a British variant of “nattering”, i.e. to babble on pointlessly) of these two lent the show its self-deprecating nickname. Over time, various in-jokes, running gags and recurring phrases have become as much a part of the show’s appeal as the film reviews themselves, adding another layer of “insider” enjoyment to the listening experience and providing quotable material for fans. Knowledge of these sometimes obscure “tropes” is the mark of a true Wittertainment devotee – in fact an impending substitute host was recently quizzed on several of them, and was unable to correctly answer all of them! So, as a graphic artist and designer, I guess it was inevitable that I should think of creating a visual tribute to the many in-jokes and references in the show I love so much. I’m delighted to report that I’ve finally done this – and have arranged for it to be available as a T-shirt. It’s “wearable Wittertainment”! I’ve even included a guide to all the references, via a URL included on the bottom of the design. And last but not least, you can buy it as a T-shirt, poster, mug or many other options, at!

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