Announcing the all-new!

newsite With the episode of the comedy-crime-caper Psych in which I have a small role airing tomorrow night in the US, I’m very excited to announce the relaunch of my website, The old design was becoming a bit of a hodgepodge and my acting work in particular was barely visible. The new look is a total, ground-up revamp, with my acting and voiceover work front and centre! Here’s some of the new features I’m most excited about:
  • Acting reel and voiceover demo readily visible on the home page as well as the sidebar of all other pages. The homepage also includes links to my acting resume, IMDB listing (yes, I have one!) and my listings on and
  • Adaptive design with a layout that “auto-magically” shifts and rearranges depending on your screen size. There’s layout for the iPhone as well as the iPad (flip yours vertically to see it!) The iPhone version also features custom graphics seen nowhere else!
  • “Photos” and “Videos” sections were previously very out-of-date and neglected. Now they’re directly linked to my YouTube and Flickr accounts, so now with a mere click I can ensure my best material also shows up there.
  • Look for my latest tweets on the homepage and sidebar.
All in all, it’s a big move forward and I’m delighted to finally make it public after having created, tweaked and tested it for some time. Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your feedback! Also, like any version 1.0 release, please let me know if you find any display glitches so I can fix them. Thanks!

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