My interview on Citytv

btv-frame.jpgWell, yesterday was the Walk for Rape Relief, the biggest fundraising event of the year for the women’s shelter I volunteer for – and as a fun bonus, I got to chat with a Citytv reporter for a couple of minutes as he prepared a piece on the walk for this morning’s Breakfast Television. It was a good summary of the walk with some nice visuals. Great PR! I tried to be articulate but didn’t feel that wholly-formed, concise pearls of wisdom were exactly dropping from my lips. Luckily, their sharp editing helped smooth the worst of it out. Actually I was a bit shocked that my interview was the ONLY one they used. Though they also spoke to Sarah, a woman from Rape Relief, they didn’t use any of her interview. RR’s philosophy is big on their principle of cooperation between men and women being clearly seen, so a guy as sole spokesperson had me a little mortified… but then again, it’s a good demonstration of “men taking responsibility”. Anyway, click here to see the whole (one minute) report!

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