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  1. Nope, just the blog page only. I’m considering adding separate blogs for photos, videos, etc. but am holding off for now!

  2. Like the ease of seeing the photos and videos. Posting photos of people is a great hook to get people to your site. Looking forward to “Fiddler.”

  3. Great photos Adam. Hope you can take some videos too.

    BTW You look pretty good with the beard, are you going to have a real one for the production or a costume one? How man fake beards are required for the show?

  4. I believe this will serve as my Fiddler beard – though most of the other guys are growing much more robust ones. That’s genetics, I guess.

    There will be a couple of fake beards – I believe the gentleman playing the Rabbi is going to get a real full-on rabbi-style beard that would probably have been either impossible or impractical for him to grow himself in the time we have.

  5. I got the same tramadol attack… well, not the same, because it was only about 20 comments instead of 90, and i t have any filtering set up, and I just deleted them one at a time… hmm.. the only thing really in common was that it was about tramadol… what filter do you have set up that caught them all?

  6. I only have the standard/recommended ‘akismet’ spam filter set up – it seems to catch tons of comment spam. I was actually a bit suspicious of yours (spam gets more and more clever) since the name given links to the website in question and not your own id… but you don’t sound like a spammer to me! What’s the ID of your blog anyway?

  7. Hey, Adam!
    Just came across your site. This is soooo cool to see you again all up and running!
    I posted one comment on your flickr (herons nests pic). I hope you still remember us: Bernard, Waldie and me.
    we are all ok. what is happening with you? How’s your Mom and Sean?

    I’d love to hear from you.

  8. I love these things. I work downtown and I bike to work. One day I am in Philadelphia, another day in NYC. My city of origin – Lodz in Poland, was like that too. There was always some filming going on. Not NYC kind of thing but more like 19 century Europe stuff.

  9. Wow – Adam – that was great. Good job –

    I always felt that the Tony Hatch tune and Petula Clarke lyrics had a place with those songs as well (the chorus especially)

    Sing-along time now

    ‘I know a place where the music is fine
    And the lights are always low
    I know a place where we can go’

  10. Adam,
    Dave Clark Five never did “Five O’Clock World” It was “the Vogues”

  11. Adam, I so totally wanted to see this, but time management got the best of me. Looks like I’ll be scraping my pockets instead of reaping the benefits of public rehearsals…

  12. About 15 members of Burstin’ with Broadway choir are planning to attend the Thursday, 9 August performance of the Sing-a-long “Hairspray” at 6:50 p.m. You are welcome to join us!

  13. Hi Adam,
    how fascinating to see your e mail and Mr. Klock’s responses.
    you really did make his day!

  14. Looks like a blast. Glad I could be there in spirit even though I couldn’t make the real event. Thanks.

  15. Adam, that is so cool. Can I call you Chief from now on?

    Has any one made an effort to fix the elements in the show that were never in the comic?

  16. hi Adam – well i swear if i had known this was going on i would have taken time off work and strapped myself to this gem of a building right alongside you!!! the unbelievable capitalist money-mongering gall of this outfit astounds me. the insult to our injury is that they have no intention of building anything until there is enough staggering profit involved to make it worth their while. the whole thing is ludicrous and i can only hope that these shysters will one day get what they deserve, to be torn down and deserted too.

  17. Adam – Wow – thanks for Blogging this show.
    Makes me feel like I am there – –
    Hi to Steven and others I know – I wish the audition times had worked better for me.
    Keep up the good work.

    APPLAUSE – I Love You!

  18. Johnathan,

    I have to tell you I am a huge fan and I love your show. You completely crack me up. Keep the show going; one of CBC’s best without a doubt. You are a comic genuis…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…you know all those wierd friends you have. – Catherine

  19. It was a blast, as always, hanging with you buddy. Bummer that you are normally all the way in Vancouver. Guess I will have to come up for a visit some time soon.

  20. Adam! This is terrific – I had such a laugh – at 2:45 in the mornng.
    Get a life, Randy!

  21. Thanks for posting the pictures, Adam. This is about as close as I get to the Ovations this year, thanks to the blizzard up here in Anmore. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

  22. Hi. That is one of two locally designed utility covers that were chosen during a competition I set up when I was on city council. Another coincidence! Jim

  23. You are completely right on the money. It was a terrific protest this morning, and I’m glad that people had cameras to capture it all and spread the message even further over the web. My photos are visible on my website. Share and enjoy! And stand up for classical music and Radio Two!

  24. I haven’t seen this play, but my friend did. Unfortunately, he’s a ‘switch drinker’. That means your emotions seriously polarize depending on what’s going on. So, after a few drinks when he was asked about the play he made some bold statements. “A black face show from the 50s” to be exact. He woke up this morning feeling a familiar guilt, ‘what did I say? was that off color?’ So he calls me to rejoice in your review and feels vindicated that his comment was ‘bang on’, another idiosyncrasy. Personally, I am adverse to anything that may be construed as ‘bad’ so maybe that deprives me of being objective. However, I find that Vancouver is pretty notorious for terrible ‘entertainment’. As a queer person of color and an artist (disclaimer: I’m not very good at any of them) my bone to pick is the absolutely straight and white ‘culture’ that obscures my view. Thanks to the audience of Oy Calcutta for the virtual experience of it, because some of us really are here ‘seeking peace’.

  25. Thanks for sharing, skeena. Glad I was able to vindicate your friend’s low opinion of this show. It really is shocking as Katz evidently has travelled in India, yet one gets no sense of that from the show – there’s no honest experiences shared in it.

    As for Vancouver entertainment, I don’t know if it’s notorious for being bad, I think there is lots of tremendous talent here but sometimes you do have to seek it out a bit. Like the musical review I wrote about just recently which also got justified raves in the mainstream press.

    This show, however, is offensive to all regardless of race, avocation or sexual orientation! 8^)

    Again, thanks for your comment.

  26. Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  27. Depression Depression Depression aaaaaaaa
    HEEEEELP :( :( :(
    I hate winter! I want summer!

  28. I very much love summer :)
    Someone very much loves winter :(
    I Wish to know whom more :)
    For what you love winter?
    For what you love summer? Let’s argue :)

  29. I love that you’ve documented your long day of rehearsal – especially with the photos! Thanks for giving me a chance to live a day in the life of Bruce The Musical. I do have one query… wouldn’t it be a “12 hour” rehearsal if it was from 10am – 10pm? :P

  30. hey, thanks for sharing that! what fun! exhausting but fun, I’ll bet ;)
    nice idea to journal it out so you can ‘relive’ it yrs later…”when I was a young unn…”

  31. As a photographer I have been to all types of weddings and I do really enjoy Jewish weddings. They have such a festive atmosphere that some others do not have.

  32. Hey Adam! Sounds like a great day on set! Thanks for posting this… I look forward to hearing (reading) how the rest of your days go! WOO HOO!

  33. this is brilliant!! (well, maybe the opposite of that..) haha thanks, Adam!

    sheesh- I think I have hardly looked up from work overload and perpetual stress for weeks now- to hang out with my peeps. :) hope you and Chrissie are doing ok. my luv to you both and hopefully, I will get to hang with you soon!

    have a “good” night then,

    p.s. my peeve is IR-regardless. that is a total deal-breaker! I cannot sit in the same room with a person of such utterances! har har

  34. Hi Adam,
    Nice to see you at the MMS concert.
    Your guitar class sounded great for newbies!
    Your strumming was excellent. I hope your official videographer will
    get your left side in the frame at the next performance. I want to check
    that your fingers never leave your hand. ;~)

  35. Great work Adam- you guys sounded great! Nice work editing the footage as well. Thanks for that.

  36. Hi Adam,
    Hey, thanks for this. Sorry I wasn’t there to see the real thing but you all did sound great…well done!

  37. Maybe it was by chance that I found your blog over the Vancover city Opera? But I was really amazed that I found Dr. Charles Barber on your video! I had an intense corresponding with him 3 years ago about music and his book about Kleiber and I would be pleased if you could give my mailaddress to him and my best wishes and greetings!
    with best regards from Austria (Eisenstadt)!

  38. Malarek is an abolitionist. He finds prostitution unacceptable un ANY circumstance. I freely choose to be an escort. I’ve done so for 6 years. I have a degree. My clients are nothing like the men he describes. If anyone were so much as rude to me I would walk out. I can do that because I work for an agency. That’s illegal but it has provided me with a problem free career. I applied for the job. I had a job at a feminist non-profit at the time I started escorting. I chose to leave that. Listening to raped women every day for years gets truly unbearable after awhile. I still can’t think about the stories I heard there without getting very upset. I like my job. As an autonomous person I have the right to choose this work and I resent Mr. Man trying to pretend he has a clue about the 80% of Canadian sexworkers who are not represented in any stats because we aren’t addicts, homeless or in trouble with the law. We’re boring and invisible. We do need decriminalization though. I can’t even put my name to this because of legal repercussions even though prostitution is legal here if one does it in isolation – which is unsafe. His representation of sexwork in canada is misrepresentative at best. We aren’t The Natashas.

  39. The argument that BC-STV is “too complicated” amounts to an argument that BC voters are too stupid to deal with a fair voting system, so they must put up with an unfair one.

    That argument is way too complicated for me!

    The suggestion that BC voters are more dense than those of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia and Malta just won’t stand up to scrutiny.

  40. Hi Adam,

    My only suggestion for food would be something simple for me to eat. That’s all I ask.

    Have a wonderful day.


  41. Adam,
    when is the wedding.

    Do you want music in the church as well as for the reception?

    let me know what you are looking for and i can, if you are interested, put something together.

    Good luck with all of the organizing

  42. IMPO, the cake shouldn’t be too rich, not too much frosting. A fruit filling helps that out. Many bakeries will give you samples of cake / frosting / fillings to take home for your significant other to taste.

  43. Congratulations. You do what you want; it is your day. Don’t think you need an open bar.Let them buy their own drinks but we did include a free drink ticket…the first one….saves having drunk drivers on the road. Too much money for no real good purpose. Everyone has their own ideas. Keep it simple…Just have fun and others will too.

  44. Hey Adam.

    That is a great photo of you guys.

    I hope you get a band that can play a variety of music styles. Not just “the Wedding Singer”. A band that could SWING would be very cool.

    I will look forward to being at your wedding.


  45. Enjoyed the article Adam, and learning more about you. Keep up the great work. I’m so glad you’re marrying my friend Christine.

  46. Ooops, logged in as you, so now you are not only calling yourself a “publicity hound” and “sweetie”, you’re telling yourself that you love you. :-D (This is Christine! Your “Logout” button doesn’t work.)

  47. Congratulations Adam…this is such wonderful fantabulously bubblicious news I am so happy for the two of you! Yeah like Brian said a band that swings with horns…as for the catering you might try OTL catering, they have done some really cool unique and fun weddings in the past..How about a cupcake cake!!

  48. WOW!! Congratulations … Gee Adam, excuse me for not responding sooner to your news. As usual, I’m days late at reading email – I browsed through my list earlier, and saw your newsletter with ‘Wedding Bells’, but didn’t think they belonged to YOU!! The photo of you and Christine at the top of this page is simply charming. Sorry, no suggestions … except HAVE A GREAT DAY, whenever That Day is going to be.


  49. Welcome to the club of commercial actors, Adam.
    It is just “fun” and as you, I have developed more and more respect for those who work behind the scenes.

    As you, I never have a clue what they are looking for and just do as I’m told.
    Seems improv is the best way to prepare.

    The surprise is the residual cheques (if that was the agreement) that will float in unexpectedly as it is shown over and over.



  50. Way to go, Adam… I see you starring opposite Carmen Diaz in the remake of My Favourite Martian…

  51. Hahaha…. your points might be valid, but I like the way Firefox works. Point #1, #2, & #5 are exactly as I want it to be. I don’t like opening multiple windows (#3), and never need to use #4.

    So in my Windows world, all is well. ^_^

  52. Adam, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a hoot – you were absolutely perfect for that bit; amazing, isn’t it, what they are going to pack into a 10 sec. commercial …

    And even more amazing … the ‘process-of-it-all’, from an actor’s viewpoint – beginning with the audition. (OMG)

    Good luck with more gigs down-the-road!!


  53. Where is this sign located? I’m checking with my colleagues to see if there’s an issue here. Cheers! (Email me back.)

  54. Hi Adam:

    Way to go! I’m so happy for you. I look forward to the whole movie. Congratulations to the sumo commercial as well. I’m sure it was a blast filming it.

    All the best,


  55. Just wanted to tell you Adam, that your a cool brother to have and quite the creative one to boot. I was just admiring the websie you’ve created around yourself and your various artistic endeavors and couldn’t help but feel the need to compliment you on a job well done.

    with lots of love, Sean :)

  56. OMG – that commerical was filmed in my building!!!! Not sure if you remember me, but we were in Strike Up the Band together with Applause.

    Great job :o)

  57. Fantastic, Adam!! Create to see the comic genius is alive and well. Love that the guys didn’t even flinch when you bailed!

    *waves from Thunder Bay*

  58. You should so grab some stick on decals for buttons, plaster them on the front to make a console and scare the heck out of people by making them think you’re actually driving the thing.

    Er…I mean, that’s what some kids should do…

  59. Great news, Adam!

    I thought you were just interested in the film because you were in love with Kate Winslet. LOL!

  60. Hey Adam,

    It was a pleasure working with you and receiving your thoughts on Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme. Thanks so much for taking a chance and embracing the unknown. Your trust in me I honor greatly!

    Take care,


  61. Adam

    I enjoyed reading about your experience in Los Angeles, but I was pulling my hair out of my head when I read about your plane trip.

    I was worried about you flying, thinking, you are getting married soon and I want everything to go well. No plane trips now…please.

    It sounds like you had a memorable trip and now that you are safely home I can say I’m happy you went.



  62. You look so appealing, I’d buy several hot dogs from you, Adam.

    My latest news; I’ll be performing at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics……some kind of dramatic role which is supposed to be top secret.


  63. Great blog, as usual :) Sorry I missed seeing you there! The composer who was modernist and writing for Mary Martin was Milton Babbitt.

  64. I have two sets of these. Do you know the value ? Couldn’t even find these on ebay , lol !!

  65. Ha! I knew it, another compulsive packaging-keeper. Good to know I’m not alone! As for value, I’m afraid I have no idea… but one day maybe I’ll find out… for now they’re simply a prized display in my “mini-museum” of various packaging.

    Let me know if you find out anything!

    Are your sets complete with chocolate? Or just the labels? If the former, are they in any better shape?

  66. Hey Love,

    Mom and I just read this through. I had told them the story, but how nice it was to have it here with pics. (It almost makes up for the annoying picture taking you kept insisting on in the middle of the “Hell”!)

    I’m going to send the link on to all my family and friends so they can have a quick read too. Great writing!

  67. Dear Adam & Christine,

    I cannot believe what you went through. I am pleased that it finally worked out well.
    I have to ask you this question son…..Did I miss something when I was raising you?

    I look forward to seeing you both at Xmas.

    Lots of love to you both.

    Momma Eileen

  68. Dear Lord
    You poor people. SO glad to hear that your heroes helped you out. God Bless friends and good Samaritans.
    Enjoy your new place!

  69. And in the chaotic aftermath of all this your oblivious clients (like me) kept shoveling stuff at you through cyberspace, and you maintained a cheerful demeanour throughout. What a guy! What a pair! May fortune smile upon you both in your beautiful new home.

  70. Dear Adam,

    Aren’t you glad I threw away those little cream containers from White Spot that you used to horde when you were a young child. I’m sure my lovely daughter-in-law Christine is happy about that. You may have had a hard time detaching yourself from them, as I know how important they were to you.



  71. Wow!! Did you ever feel surreal, like you were acting in a sitcom and it wasn’t all really unfolding the way it did??! Because that is how I felt reading it! Very well written Adam!! I saw your Rambler that day being towed near Denman and Comox, and I just sent you guys a lot of positive energy!! I think it would actually make a really great short movie!! I do have questions, did the movers who lost their license end up taking anything of yours in the truck? And hows the rambler now? (Remember, I have a fondness for ramblers, as it was our family car when I was little!) And I wish you both many, many peaceful, harmonious and joyous moments in your new home!!

  72. Hey, Adam. Congratulations on your wedding and your (finally) successful move into your new home. There is definitely a great accomplishment to purchasing a home. I moved to Brockville, Ontario, some years ago, as you know, and I am co-owner of income property with my family, and I definitely understand what you have been through. Best wishes to you all. I really enjoy your missives and newsletters. Great story! PS: I miss you all from the acting school days and hope to visit you all soon. Glad to see you are still doing some great gigs.

  73. Adam….I would love to see you nominated for an academy award for this role. There are no small roles! Bravo! Encore!

    Betsy (Kol Halev)

  74. Ah yes, more exploitation of talented performers eager for any kind of exposure. Slash arts funding to the bone and beyond, and then ask the artists to perform for nothing. Am I the only one who sees a disconnect to this? KDM

  75. Hey, thanks Kevin for your comment bigtime… I’m so tired of being constantly expected to do my work for free… i can’t tell you how many times i’m asked to do that and how many other events i’ve supported with my work – to help them – how are we supposed to make a living when we’re giving it away all the time?… it seems folk (who are not artists/creatives) assume that we’re just having “fun”… THIS IS OUR WORK!

  76. Oh come now Kevin, it’s not like performers are doing something important that’s worthy of pay, like oh, Security for instance. Volunteerism is the very essence of Community and that’s what, at the eleventh hour, with out of control cost over-runs, this global spectacle is all about.
    Apologies to David C. Jones, but with 90% Provincial cuts to funding for Arts & Culture on the horizon these Olympic “opportunities” are hard to believe. Maybe the architects, designers and builders of the facilities, or the members of the Vanoc Team themselves might enjoy such volunteer opportunities within their own fields of expertise.

  77. The next Drop In is Tuesday, January 5, 2010 and every Tuesday after that. See you there, Cass, Irwin and Josh

  78. Great post, Adam.

    I agree with what you’re saying. I feel everything – posters, logos, etc helps to tell the play’s story, and some designs are not very good at doing that. (though some are visually very nice)

    I remember seeing posters for “Mom’s the Word” when I was in Vancouver in October and only sort of got what it was about when I saw other artwork on the actual theater on Granville Island where it was playing. I do like the Don Juan poster since it has enough elements to give you an idea of characters, time and setting, as does “Mrs. Dexter” to a simpler extent.

    I would say use the tag line – they’re used for a reason.

  79. Tag lines can be amusing, and a well-designed poster is all very nice, but the movie industry has known for decades that what gets people to come to see something is a trailer. If you want to know what an album’s like, you can hear a single from it on the radio, or thirty-second clips on Amazon. For most games you can get a demo, for free.

    But plays? Nothing. You can have a paragraph of text, if you’re lucky, and maybe you can trust in the reputation of the playwright, if they’re sufficiently famous that you’ve even heard of them. (A fun party game: “Quick! Name ten living playwrights.”)

    What I want is more video clips of plays and musicals online.

    For very short-run shows, especially where costumes aren’t worn and the show isn’t in the theatre until the last moment, okay, it could be difficult. But for anything even remotely professional, please, why can’t you post something online showing me even sixty seconds of the play, even thirty seconds, to give me a taste of its visual and dynamic style and of how the actors perform.

    I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve seen this done: once on the Playhouse Theatre’s website, where a clip from “Studies In Motion” clinched our ticket sales, and once for each nomination for “Best Play” at the Tonys last year, where again I was able to think “Whoa, those look good”.

    Without that, I’m sorry, but it’s just very difficult to persuade myself to go see a play, no matter how good it says it is – like any poster will ever mutter under its breath, “Eh, this play is okay, I guess, for people who like that kind of thing.” In England in the 80s there was a joke to the effect that all plays described themselves on their posters with the tagline “Searing indictment… savage critique… Thatcher’s Britain”. Well, yes, that was a very populous category of play, but it’s not exactly very informative, is it?

    For people who just generally like plays, of course, this information isn’t necessary. But advertising and marketing aren’t supposed to influence people who are already interested in your product. It’s supposed to make yours truly – casually interested in theatre if it’s likely to be a good use of my time – turn his head and say “Whoa! That looks interesting! I must see that!” And a piece of static graphic art is not, in my view, the right medium for advertising a stage play.

    I’m pretty sure, from my limited experience in show production, that there would be copyright issues with this, which can’t be solved by my waving my hand and saying that copyright holders should wake up and smell the coffee. But they should. It’s 2010: get a website and put clips on it, or I’m not coming. I have spoken ;-)

  80. Strangely, all I remember is chocolate cake and red spots dancing in my eyes.

    xoxo, you two,


  81. I must share this with all who will read this. I am a very lucky woman, as I have the most wonderful daughter-in-law (honorary daughter) I could have hoped to get.
    She is thoughtful and very kind, and my son Adam & Christine are a perfect match.

    With love

    Momma Eileen

  82. Adam, Chris! here we are in Las Vegas, we don’t gamble, it’s too cold to sun tan and eating is out because we are recovering from the stomach flu and the most marvelous entertainment comes. Your Moving Day!
    Love Mom and Dad.
    PS I kept saying ” Christine you needed your Dad” and when the stove needed cleaning, ” Christine and Adam, you needed your Mom.

  83. Mr. Jonathon Goldstein must surely be the most annoying comic genius working in Canada in the 21st century. May we only pray the suits and rednecks do not change him, whether by pen or by hunting knife.

  84. Hey Adam… and how sweet was that… thank you for sharing… you are one cool guy… and good singing to… wuz hopin’ you were going to break out into a tap…. big hellos… carol :o)

  85. I was sitting at the same table as these two Chorusline crashers. They had been plotting all evening long! Don’t ever trust them again!!! I heard it all!!!!!!!

    (Great stuff)

  86. Loved to see Pat Maloughney achieve some of his aspirations as I knew him as a High School Student with lots of ability. I wished I was closer to see the play. Congratulations to all involved!.

  87. Adam, that film’s a treasure! You should start a web-based company doing that with peoples’ old footage!

  88. Hi!

    I’m a friend of Adam’s and a film/video person.

    Great show. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

  89. I realize that my last comment that I sent re: the Silent 1956 comedy, got sent to YOU, not the creators of the film which was really well done! By the way, you DID a good job reviving it!

    My comment to you regarding This bit of entertainment (The Tin Can Song): splendid performance!!!!

    Fran Dietz

  90. Nice place, huh! Actually I was most interested in your video making technique. Good work, Adam. I’m truly thinking that if you have time in the future I’d rather hire you for some one-on-one tutoring in some editing stuff than take another course right now.

    What do you think?


  91. Ha ha ha … good story. What I find most intriguing – after your helpfulness with the lost tourists, you sort of got lost yourself, in a way, and there was no one to help you navigate that busy street to get to the other side. Does that say something or not.


  92. Thanks for the vote, Patricia! I backed and commented on your book. Happy to do what I can to support you… I’ll include a post about the book in my next regular email update. Thanks again! — adam

  93. Adam, thanks for posting this. I knew about it, but was too chicken to figure it out for myself. The only thing I’d add would be: Don’t forget to log out of your account at the end.


  94. Yes, the Vancouver Rape Relief Collective is pleased to include this short film in our day of action on violence against women. This film itself was a collaboration between our collective and Adam that shows how men can practically support the leadership offered by our frontline group in the struggle to end all men’s violence against women. Hope to see many of Adam’s fans at the Memorial to the Montreal Massacre

  95. I have this problem too! I uploaded my video and even put on the description, “Finally a video I actually own all the rights to” (because I usually make music videos), and the copyright claim popped up! I want to know who used it first, and if it actually IS free music, although I don’t know how legit Lazylectric is since I can’t find anything on them other than a Youtube video, and it doesn’t even seem like the vocals match with the music

    You’re right, it does sound like they just added words and made it commercial, and I find that extremely unfair. Someone needs to fix this stat.

  96. Adam, he is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen! I would love to come visit you and Christine and Max, but completely understand the hectic nature of a new arrival (having had 3 myself) – so please just let me know when may be convenient for you all and I am not worried about late cancellations either – I really do understand how it is!! I am not working at the moment so if there is a time during the day that is better for you that is good with me as well, I will just try and fit around your timings (sleep, feeds, changes, sleep, feeds changes, washing, sleep, feeds, changes ……etc.)

    See ya soon,


  97. Wish I could see little Max in person, but since I cannot for now, keep on putting his picture on line so I can see my precious (3rd) cousin!!! He is so adorable and cute!!! glad everyone is doing well, all the best!!!, cousin Linda.

  98. Congratulations to the proud parents from Lynda in Zurich. Max appears handsome even here. I insist on a visit upon my return in March; perhaps by then, he will be sleeping through?

    Keep on sending photos.


  99. Bang on, Adam- I too completely do not understand who would vote for these individuals. Apart from blatant lies and secrecy I particularly don’t get why households making under $75K would want this guy. He cut the GST so everyone would notice up front but if I make $500K a year, I spend more on high ticket stuff than the guy who makes $75K (even worse for those who make less)— so guess who wins?? Meeee!
    And wow, that income splitting seems like a great idea- except if I split my income with my husband and the $75K girl splits it with hers….guess who saves tons of tax money—-meeee! The lower income earners should be really pissed off..ask for the GST to go back to where it was and give the tax breaks to them—but instead I see more Con signs on their lawns—what will make them wake up????

  100. Adam, I followed the steps for Dummies, and I opened a blog, was successful in opening the blog page, but now do not know how to use it, could you give me some info how it is used??

  101. Hey Adam,

    All great points. I wanted to add that every mental health organization and arts organization I know has received cuts this year. Even though Gaming funds (federal) are soaring, organizations that really need that money have seen it slashed. Also, Cineworks (independent film) had to actually close down for a month because of arts funding cuts in general. Google David Diamond (Headlines Theatre)to see the way both provincial and federal cuts have affected the arts.

  102. What a beautiful Max! You can already see his soul … Of course, I am 2 or 3 months late and I know Max has grown a lot now. But this is how I see him THEN. I think I see your eyes, Adam. :)

  103. Hi Adam,
    I’m looking forward to seeing your Elfing show! thanks for the plug for Utter Joy!

  104. I am so sorry that I missed this show, Adam. I bet it was very successful, that you were great, and that a good time, hopefully, was had by all. (Today’s date is March 14 and I’m writing you an email, which I INTEND to get off to you today.)

  105. Somehow my technically challenged wife was having problems with the TV and just started pressing buttons. I was not watching, but she managed to turn on CC. I found your article here after a few Google searches. Shaw had nothing. Thanks for documenting this hudden menu. It saved me from a lot of frustration. I remember using this menu when I first set up my PVR/Cable box but I forgot all about it until I read your article. It might have been described in the cable box doc. I used it to set the HDMI output to 1080i. It defaulted to 720P.
    Thanks again.

  106. Thanks a million! I actually stumbled onto this secret menu and turned on CC. But because the texts are actually too big and obstructing the view, I needed to have it turned off! I tried virtually everything and yet couldn’t bring up this menu again. I then did a search on google and saw your article.
    Initially I couldn’t bring up the menu even after executing the sequence you recommended. I switched off the TV and turned it on again while the cable box was still off. Then, boom! the secret menu appeared.
    Thank you again for sharing this piece of information.

  107. With this council, I have little hope. The last batch were slowly destroying our city. This batch is quickly destroying my neighborhood. They almost make Rob Ford appear forward-looking.

  108. Hi Adam! loved the video! you captured the essence of the circle and the evening! Just a minor note – on the title of the video, you have since 2010 and should be 2000.
    Yoshimi says you’ll be coming tonight – see ya later! AM


  110. Thanks for the review Adam! It’s interesting – you held Priscilla up as an example of a Broadway Chorus narrative strength, but as an audience member for that show, I actually had some of the same concerns you had with Camp for Children – the plot about the opera ghost took up a bunch of Act 1 but didn’t ultimately go anywhere, as did the search for body parts so that Dr. Frankenstein could ultimately build a monster. I still think Priscilla is an absolutely brilliant show, but I wonder if, when we see shows as audience members rather than performers, we tend to be more aware of narrative than those of us who are actively involved in the show itself :)

    Of course, I would argue that our most successful show ever was Supermusical, which, on a narrative level, frequently took complete 90° turns. (It’s about fashion models, oh, no, wait, super heroes, oh now there are villains, and then, wait, WHAT, they are aliens from outer space?!)

    Anyway, thank you so much for coming to see the show and for taking the time to write a very detailed review! As a long-time chorus-er and two-time audience member, I really enjoy the process of analyzing the show from the audience perspective, even when the take-home message is always “it is hilarious and totally worth seeing”

  111. Thanks Sarah! I was actually a bit anxious about writing a review that didn’t merely gush about the good parts but properly analyzed some of the weaknesses – I did really enjoy the show, and wanted the takeaway for readers to definitely be “go see it”, but I was also determined to write honestly. (However, I can’t write negative reviews: if I really don’t like a show, I’ll just keep quiet about it!)

    Funny you should call me out on the narrative “fail” of Priscilla. I actually mentioned it more because it was one of the particularly enjoyable shows, it really wasn’t that I specifically felt it had a strong plot. Oops. “Ghost Man”, definitely. The “Moo-sical”, perhaps was more coherent / consistent?

    I may be on hiatus but I do love the Chorus and don’t plan to miss seeing any shows. Glad you enjoyed and appreciated my effort at a rounded review. I really did love the show, especially after it kicked into high gear in Act 2. Great work by everyone (including you and those I didn’t manage to mention!) All the best!

  112. Looks like a lot of fun!!!!! Congratulations on hosting such a nice evening for your friends :)

  113. Nice job on Psych Adam! Thanks for the tweet to link me to the clip.

    And the blog about the day Priceless!!

  114. Holy Smokes! Huge thanks to Max! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that for years.


  115. Adam, AppleMail does support ms exchange, and so does IOS. So you should be able to switch over and enjoy the syncing.
    Or you could switch to gmail and do it that way, if you have a very old version of osx.

  116. Hmm, do you mean this would enable the kind of “read/unread status” and sent-mail syncing, that I understood only IMAP could provide? I’d definitely look into switching, then. I’m on Snow Leopard though – is that too old?

  117. Thanks. Agreed with most everything, especially about Vision Vancouver. Dismissive, arrogant and insular. not my kind of people.

  118. Hey Adam – Thanks for your thoughtful commentary. I fear the NPA’s pro-pipelines stance, myself, and know they would be every bit as insular and development-juggernauty as Vision. I will be supporting them because they made Greenest City a priority, but agree with you on sending a message by choosing s more diverse set of candidates in the mix.

  119. thank you so much for posting this! White spot just shared it on their Facebook page. For many years I wondered if I had just made up the pirate puppet on the bottom in my head but now I know it was a real memory. We went to white spot every Sunday in the seventies and eighties. Thanks again!

  120. Thank you so much for posting. This is truly a secret menu. Your post was the only one that I came across that explained how to work this so clearly. It is counterintuitive to switch off the box and then press settings. Much appreciated!

  121. Thank you so much, now finally I can watch a movie and know exactly what’s going on! I was told by a rep at Shaw that it wasn’t possible to add close captions to a VOD movie so I didn’t pursue it after that… but yesterday was the last straw …. I ‘knew’ there had to be a way as I was sure I came across something by accident when I was setting up my tv. Gone are the days of rewinding and replaying over and over just to understand a dialogue….not having perfect hearing during quiet conversations is no fun. Now I can enjoy my movies again! Thank you for sharing your secret!

  122. Hi, can you tell me how i’d go about getting a ticket to the wittertainment cruise?


  123. Sorry Emma, but the cruise – as far as anyone can tell – exists only in the minds of the good Doctors. The best theory I’ve heard is that it’s just a whimsical way of referring to their summer hiatus from the show… though I’d hate to rule its existence out completely.. 8^)

  124. Nice feature, Adam – I think you should make it a regular thing. The NotFlix Review – reviews of movies you CAN’T find anywhere but your local neighbourood video store!

  125. Exchange servers actually have an option on them to support IMAP, and many places have this turned on. it’s a little buggy (a Microsoft product not properly supporting a standard! Surprise!) but seems to work. From what I hear. My university just switched to exchange and refuse to turn on the IMAP option…

  126. Thanks Joanna! So frustrating when your provider limits your options like that. I was in the same boat for the longest time, unable to use IMAP as my ISP didn’t support it! Madness. But now, thankfully, they do – and I’m happily synced up across my devices.

  127. Thank you SO MUCH! My mom is partially deaf and we sometimes end up at places without closed captioning (or so it would appear). We’re staying at a hotel that we didn’t think had it, tried your tip, and it worked!!

  128. You’re very welcome! I have to say, this is my one blog post that seems to have helped a ton of people – I’m so glad I put this info out there! All the best!

  129. Thanks a ton for this, CC got stuck on by accident somehow and I spent days tyring to figure this out! You rock!

  130. Thanks for sharing this! My son recently got his first pirate pack and I was disappointed by how hokey they look now. I remember this one fondly, and had totally forgotten about the cut-out figure on the bottom.

    Thanks again!

    Now, if they’d only get rid of the insipid current logo… bring back the chicken!

  131. Hi Liz! You can actually order a wide variety of other products customized with the same artwork. If you go to the T-Shirt link, there’s a little menu item called “Available Products (23)” just below the main image. Click that, and scroll down to “Wall Art” and you’ll have all sorts of lovely options!

  132. Hi,
    I think you’re incorrect about the origin of inclusion of qualifications in correspondence (#8) – I *think* this came after a review and discussion of March of the Penguins about ten years ago…

  133. Thanks for the update Adam. You can prolly maintain the image “balance” with a penguin silhouette in the same spot – accuracy over style every time ;)

    Any idea on the timeline for the updated tee?

  134. Thank you very much! I also suspected this would be the solution but I still find it rather annoying that I had to deal with this problem.

  135. Hi Adam,
    Wishing you all the best on your cinematic debut and on your role in Trump, the musical!


  136. Nice piece, Adam–you write very well, and have touched on many of my feelings and concerns about last night’s shocking result.

  137. Adam Abrams,

    Without your suberb help Compassion Globally, {CG}, would not be up and running. We at CG are truly grateful . CG is working peacefully to substantfully reduce abuse and sexual violence inflicted upon Canadian women and girls. Many thanks for your expertise.

  138. Thank you !!
    Shaw cable rebooted my box & after my CC was disabled. Tech support said for my older box they have turned off CC services!!! No longer available & I should rent or buy a new one from them!!
    I argued that it’s their box & should provide the same service before the reboot!!
    Anywsys, I did what you said & it works now !!
    Money grab from shaw!!!

    Thank you again!!!

  139. You’re very welcome Sandra! I’m so glad that this post continues to help people – and to do an end-run around Shaw’s corporate cash grab… all the best!

  140. It will be refreshing to have someone well rounded/ balanced in City Council.
    Best of luck.

  141. Hello Adam,

    Hope all is well!

    I’m a portrait photographer based locally in Vancouver. I specialize in natural light and studio portraiture for professionals and creatives needing visual branding material. As a local acting professional I wanted to reach out because I truly believe my services could be of value to you and those you may know starting out.

    I am currently running a promo of $200 for a 1 hour photo session, with deliverables of all the edited photos from the shoot and 2 final retouched images (with options to purchase more).

    If you would like to get a feel for my work, please be sure to visit my website –

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you!

    Emmanuel Etti

  142. Sorry to hear it Jess! But I’m afraid that what I wrote is the best summary of my knowledge about this feature. Perhaps try the Adobe discussion board – if you provide a detailed account of your problem you may find someone has a solution for you!

  143. Thanks for this little bit of knowledge as I was going out of my mind trying to figure this out. Never had this problem before.

  144. Hi Emmanuel! Sorry not to reply yet to your comment. Your work is impressive and the offer (if still available) sounds generous. I’ve approved the comment now and will tweet a recommendation to my account, . All the best!

  145. Adam – just another BIG thanks, so many years after you initially posted this ‘fix’!
    … great legacy.

  146. I just discovered this book within the last two months and I’ve begun the reading, I was under the impression it was more like a collection of stories in her grandmothers’ house but I’m soon realizing it’s ‘set’ is there and the story unfolds throughout the book. I love the first few chapters and am glad I found your blog to hear your synopsis of the full story. It’s out of print now as you know and my copy smells of hands passed over – over time found tucked into a book shelf at a local antique store. There’s a signature on my inside cover for a local person with address – that I may investigate too. I’m thinking of producing this as an audio book, with vocal characters (maybe you’d like to be Richard Tomlinson) and narrate it also (I’m run a weekly podcast and was looking for an interesting story to tell when I came upon The Dark Fantastic) I also produce audio books – so this would be a good project for me. anyway thanks for your post!