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My First Student Film at VFS

For a couple of years now, I’ve been on a quest to enter the world of film and TV acting. One recommended strategy for getting on-set experience and building a “reel” has always been to pursue roles in student films. I’ve been on a few auditions but nothing had ever come of it – until now!

I auditioned for a Vancouver Film School project entitled “Straight To Video”. In it, a somewhat hapless aspiring rock star is working the late shift at the video store when an old videotape of a self-help “guru” magically transports him into a vision of his rock-and-roll fantasy come true – but even in this preview of music superstardom, things don’t go nearly the way he had imagined.

The role I auditioned for was that of the outrageous, turbanned “Guru Goulby” – the smarmy self-help swami whose videotape appearance sets the plot in motion.   Read more »