“That’s Wittertainment” explained

Here’s the background to all of the “inside joke” references in my parody song paying tribute to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s BBC radio film review program.
  • Mark’s “rants” against particularly egregious films are a rare highlight.
  • Mark can start with a sigh and Simon will say that’s all he needs to know.
  • He also uses common phrases like “here’s the thing”… leading into his misgivings.
  • Or “It’s not half as funny as it needs to be.”
  • If anyone mentions something political, or self promotional, it’s replaced with bird song.
  • In an interview with Tom Wilkinson he talked about the “and” credit, “starring so-and-so, with so-and-so… AND Helen Mirren”
  • Mark has a bias against Michael Bay -directed films like Transformers (not the current one).
  • Mark quotes Nietsche “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you”
  • “A man looking things up on the web”
  • There’s an app for fans that they joke they make a lot of money off of (they don’t)
  • The two-week holiday they take is supposedly when they go on a “cruise” that picks up listeners from anywhere in the world – even if they’re landlocked.
  • Mark had a complaint about an action movie finale that took place on a boat, where nobody was seemingly piloting it.
  • Mark revealed that, back in the day, he thought the “e” in “email” stood for “Emergency”.
  • They used to frequently say hello to Jason Isaacs, who went to school with mark.
  • Since they aren’t supposed to mention brand names, they jokingly refer to apple ipods etc as “fruit-based devices”, usually folllowed by the caveat “still not funny”
  • AALS is a listener-defined syndrome, “Altitude Adjusted Lachrymosity Syndrome”, describing the supposed phenomenon of reacting emotionally to movies that wouldn’t have that effect on you if you were on the ground.
  • The show is casually referred to as the “church” and the fans are “devotees”.
  • Simon’s teenage son said in answer to his question of how to create an account on Snapchat, “You just create an account.” The “how do you… you just” has been applied to countless things since then.