Adobe_Photoshop_CS6_icon The answer to the crazy-making “Batch Automate” problem in Photoshop

If you’ve been thwarted by Photoshop’s “Batch Automate” feature when trying to select your destination, don’t beat your head on your desk. Read my solution!   Read more »

cleese-thumbnail My 30 triumphant seconds with John Cleese

I had only a moment with the comedy legend I’ve admired for decades. What would I say? The right thing, as it turned out!   Read more »

thumbnail Hey, Vancouver – you’re going to vote, right? Here’s why – and how – I’ll be casting my ballot.

Why I feel municipal voting is important, and thoughts on how, and why, I’ll be filling in the little dots on the 15th.   Read more »

thumb3 “Snapshots” blends classic songs into an engaging, emotional tale

Superbly crafted, uniquely staged, full of wonderful music, and beautifully performed, “Snapshots” – which is seeing its Canadian premiere with this production – is a must-see.   Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.08.17 AM My art-school rap performance in 1990: “Rap Master Adam”

Rescued from the dusty VHS archives at last, my comedy rap about the 1989 earthquake, final exam stresses, computer glitches, and more, delivered at CCAC in the spring of 1990!   Read more »