I’m on the ABC series “Somewhere Between”!

It was a thrill to book a recurring role on an ABC drama, “Somewhere Between”! Catch me in a total of four episodes of this twisty, time-travel mystery/thriller.   Read more »

Is your presentation waving a red flag of doubt? This flyer and site are.

Thanks to wonky grammar, weird wording, and a suspiciously hidden identity, this “grassroots group” is sending the wrong message in this flyer and online.   Read more »

Join or pledge for my Walk for Rape Relief on May 28!

It’s that time again – when helping to stop violence against women is a Walk in the park! I hope you can help me reach my fundraising goal this year – or even join me.   Read more »

A “buy local” challenge – or, don’t help the Amazon CEO buy another boat

A challenge to support your local video store – instead of sending your money to a distant corporate CEO. And how my 6-year-old is helping me to do that!   Read more »

Read it and Leap: disingenuous quotes, disappearing “concerned citizens” and the Leap Manifesto

I actually checked into the quotes given in a spurious attack ad run by the bogus “Concerned Citizens of BC” to put them into their proper context. How far can the Liberals and their surrogates twist the truth? You may or may not be surprised.   Read more »