IMG_3359 Heritage “preservation”, and the piano that couldn’t be saved

For a little while, it seemed like one musical remnant of this charming old apartment building might escape the wrecker’s ball. But it was not to be.   Read more »

fitz-gramo After 30+ years, “Fitzcarraldo” was worth the wait

An epic tale that took me forever to finally get around to viewing did not disappoint. It was engaging, surprising, and – in the end – beautiful.   Read more »

Unknown Why Disney/Pixar storybooks are so atrocious

Parents of little ones, beware! That “Cars” storybook will drive you mad with its hypercondensed “story”, but there are plenty of fine alternatives out there that are actually a pleasure to read.   Read more »

Dust jacket of an Australian edition - not the one I read (which was jacketless) but a great image! Out-of-print Book Corner: “The Dark Fantastic” by Margaret Echard

Blending charming period atmosphere, evocative writing, sharp pacing, ever-mounting mystery and tension, and characters you either root for or revile, I’d call “The Dark Fantastic” something of a lost treasure.   Read more »

thumb Arts Club’s “Mary Poppins” pulls magic out of her carpetbag

In a “choose your own adventure” version of the familiar children’s tale, we get the hoped-for highlights plus an expertly revamped story and deepened characters. It takes a little while for the engine to really rev up, but in the end, the magic of Mary Poppins prevails!   Read more »