12AngryJurors-cast I’m in “12 Angry Jurors”, Nov. 18-29!

I’ll be appearing onstage this month in Theatre in the Raw’s production of 12 Angry Jurors! As the ad man, I bring – what else? – a touch of humour to the proceedings.   Read more »

IMG_6145 Political volunteering: Wild tales from the driver’s seat

A wild ride indeed on my one day of political volunteering, featuring encounters with a Travis Bickle lookalike, a little old lady, and some enthusiastic sign-wavers!   Read more »

20151015_091847 Political sign jiu-jitsu at Granville and King Edward

A clever series of signs puts a giant Conservative sign in a whole new light.   Read more »

IMG_3359 Heritage “preservation”, and the piano that couldn’t be saved

For a little while, it seemed like one musical remnant of this charming old apartment building might escape the wrecker’s ball. But it was not to be.   Read more »

fitz-gramo After 30+ years, “Fitzcarraldo” was worth the wait

An epic tale that took me forever to finally get around to viewing did not disappoint. It was engaging, surprising, and – in the end – beautiful.   Read more »