Need a laugh? Come see me in Metro Theatre’s “The Odd Couple”

I’m back on stage after a four-year hiatus, as part of the cast of Metro Theatre’s “The Odd Couple”!   Read more »

A golden-age TV classic rediscovered thanks to my pack-rat tendencies

How a decades-old video magazine led me to discover a unique, genre-bending TV classic, ready to watch!    Read more »

A timely song parody: “The Way We Were”

A song parody in which I harken back wistfully to that long-ago time, three whole months ago… when the world was a very different place.    Read more »

Another letter of mine read out on the BBC’s film review show!

After a long time, I again got a letter read out on my favourite, globally-listened-to, BBC podcast!   Read more »

Tony Curtis speaks – from the pages of “HEAR” Magazine

Listen to Tony Curtis as he answers some fan magazine questions – it’s an actual record, included in “HEAR” Magazine from 1956.   Read more »