A golden-age TV classic rediscovered thanks to my pack-rat tendencies

How a decades-old video magazine led me to discover a unique, genre-bending TV classic, ready to watch!    Read more »

A timely song parody: “The Way We Were”

A song parody in which I harken back wistfully to that long-ago time, three whole months ago… when the world was a very different place.    Read more »

Another letter of mine read out on the BBC’s film review show!

After a long time, I again got a letter read out on my favourite, globally-listened-to, BBC podcast!   Read more »

Tony Curtis speaks – from the pages of “HEAR” Magazine

Listen to Tony Curtis as he answers some fan magazine questions – it’s an actual record, included in “HEAR” Magazine from 1956.   Read more »

Vote for someone who has overcome tragedy to bring real magic into kids’ lives

My friend, magician Jeff Christensen, is nominated for an award he richly deserves. Please help him to win it – and raise awareness of the great charitable work he is doing.   Read more »