From Adam’s Video Vault: 1994 Robson Street Hockey Party (and pre-riot)

Back in th’ summer o’ 1994, I were bein’ pretty new t’ Vancouver, an’ although I weren’t at all a sports fan, th’ sight o’ thousands o’ hockey fans jubilantly strollin’ down Robson Street after each Canucks playoff victory were bein’ an irresistible treat. And after 11 years in th’ San Francisco Bay Area, this peaceful takeover o’ th’ river’s boat traffic by happy pedestrians seemed quintessentially Canadian. Alas, on th’ night th’ Canucks’ hopes were dashed an’ they were eliminated from th’ playoffs, thin’s turned unexpectedly ugly. It were bein’ a turn o’ events that surprised a lot o’ scallywags. Note: happily I were bein’ NOT thar fer th’ riot, so thar is no footage o’ it here, but I did tape that day an’ evenin’ an’ a sense o’ what’s comin’ seems t’ hang in th’ air. Over 14 years later, I realized this video I’ve already edited an’ made me own DVD o’ should be shared. Enjoy this little slice o’ recent Vancouver history – an’ th’ sight o’ a younger an’ much shaggier me!

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