My Lifetime movie-of-the-week role is (finally) airing!

Photo Copyright © Empty Cradle Productions, Inc.
Photo Copyright © Empty Cradle Productions, Inc.
I’m very excited to announce that the network movie-of-the-week I filmed a small role in is finally airing on Lifetime in the US! It’s called “Stolen From the Womb” and began airing June 21. Subsequent airdates are coming up on both Lifetime and something called LMN, which I presume is the Lifetime Movie Network. They are:
  • Sat Jul 5 at 10 PM (Lifetime)
  • Sun Jul 6 at 2 AM (Lifetime)
  • Sun Jul 27 at 8 PM (LMN)
  • Mon Jul 28 at 12 AM (LMN)
If someone can record it and get the video file to me, I’d surely appreciate it! I really want to see how it – and my role – turned out. The tale could be called a somewhat melodramatic potboiler, the tale of a mentally unstable woman (who’s suffered several miscarriages) finally going over the edge in her attempt to acquire a baby of her own. But the script was a real page-turner that had me flipping quickly toward the end! Unfortunately, the online previews are U.S. only and can’t be viewed in Canada. But I’m hoping that someone in the lower 48 can get me a good digital recording of it so I can a) view the whole show and b) utilize any footage of myself in my acting reel. (This, of course, assuming I didn’t end up on the cutting-room floor!)

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