Sketch comedy show predicts real-life news event

View the entire incident on YouTube.
View the entire incident on YouTube.

VANCOUVER – Truth and fiction seemed to merge last Saturday, as Liberal leader Justin Trudeau seemingly followed the script of upcoming sketch comedy show, “Giggles and Gags.”

Trudeau got into hot water for swearing at a charity boxing match. But “Giggles and Gags”, currently in rehearsal for a May 1-3 run, contains a “news report” sketch which is entirely built on his propensity for swearing.

Although this sketch comedy laughfest – in which I play a variety of roles, including said newscaster – was certainly intended to reference current events, it was a real surprise to find ourselves so accurate. And while I don’t want to give away any other big surprises from the show, if some of our other sketches also come true in the coming weeks, it’ll make for some pretty outrageous news stories!

The best way to find out is to come see “Giggles and Gags” May 1-3 at the PAL Theatre in Vancouver. Get your tickets here!

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