Walk for Rape Relief 2008

Another year, another Walkathon in support of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter! This year, I was on truck-driving duty, so me and fellow Housefunding Committee volunteer Noah Lepawsky trundled around Vancouver and Burnaby picking up supplies and (on the day after the walk) dropping them off.  The day itself started off bright and sunny, and stayed that way – perfect weather! And the day was a fun one, even with the (relatively) early start and all the tasks that needed doing. I helped unload equipment and then headed around the park to assist in setting up the checkpoints. Then back at the picnic grounds / Walk HQ, I met up with Christine, Gary and Christine’s friend Hilary (accompanied by her dog Mikki). We strolled our way around the seawall, took a few breaks here and there, and finally arrived back, where we enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch of grilled salmon, roasted peppers, and other delights, accompanied by some great music. As the event wound down and I headed home, I was tired but feeling good. The day seemed to have gone by quickly. I was happy not only to have assisted in my volunteer capacity, but also to have built up a nice solid pledge sheet. (Thanks to everyone who donated!) The Walkathon is the single biggest fundraising event of the year for Rape Relief and it’s satisfying to have a hand in making it a success. Here’s a photo gallery of the day.

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