FlashNote! – the clarinet practice tool

I’ve created this interactive practice tool for my own use, and I figured others would probably get a lot out of it too. So here it is. FlashNote! is an interactive, musical flashcard program. With it, you can test yourself on your ability to a) recognize notes on the scale, and b) play them on your clarinet. (I suppose works as well for any B-flat instrument, though the indication of the number of available fingerings is doubtless only correct for the clarinet.) Anyway, all you do is hit “new note” and a random note, from low E up to high C, is displayed on the musical staff. Now guess the note and try to play it. Then hit “reveal” to both see the note’s name, and hear it too! If you’re a goal-oriented type, after you reveal each note, click either the “yes” or “no” button that appears. Your overall percentage of correct guesses, displayed at the bottom, will be updated. (You can also just click “new note” or hit the spacebar to get a new note without bothering with the scoring feature, if you like.) This is a lot of clicking, it’s true – so I included keyboard shortcuts! If you don’t care about keeping score, just hit the spacebar. It will alternate between showing a new “mystery note” and revealing/playing it. Or use the up-arrow and down-arrow keys instead of the spacebar – they will update your score and then show you the next note. (You’ll have to either hit the spacebar or click the “new note” key to start off, but after than you can use the arrow keys if you want to score yourself.)
Click here or on the image to pop-up FlashNote in a new window! (Note: FlashNote is about 150k and may take a moment or two to load, especially at slower connection speeds.) Testing the YAK e-commerce plugin The following is just a test of some e-commerce software – you can safely ignore it. Price: [yak_price] [yak_buy]

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