A (corrected) bit of Wittertainment trivia


While catching up on last week’s edition of the Kermode and Mayo Film Review podcast, I was startled to hear that, despite feeling like such an expert on the show that I created a steady-selling Wittertainment T-shirt out if its many in-jokes, it turns out that… I made a mistake.

For some reason, I thought that the custom of appending one’s degrees and/or credentials to one’s correspondence to the show dated back to Mark’s review of Sex And The City (see above).

However, I learned from Mark’s reading out of Ben Sutherland’s tweet that this phenomenon dates much farther back, 10 years in fact, all the way to a discussion that followed the review of “March of the Penguins”.

I must have confused the frequent self-identification of men who enjoyed the nominally-aimed-at-women Sex and the City, with the appending of credentials which I must have merely noticed at around the same time.

This is such an obscure piece of Wittertainment-related trivia (WRT?) that even Mark himself had utterly forgotten it.

But no longer! I shall amend have amended my Wittertainment T-Shirt design (and accompanying description) to reflect this new and more accurate information.

The only sad thing is that I’ll miss the figure of Sarah Jessica Parker on the graphic – it was certainly one of the more eye-catching design elements. Somehow I feel that a waddling penguin won’t provide quite the same effect. Oh well…

Without further ado… here is the new artwork!


One thought on “A (corrected) bit of Wittertainment trivia

  1. Thanks for the update Adam. You can prolly maintain the image “balance” with a penguin silhouette in the same spot – accuracy over style every time ;)

    Any idea on the timeline for the updated tee?

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