A (corrected) bit of Wittertainment trivia

Kermode-and-Mayo-Tropes-Poster-II While catching up on last week’s edition of the Kermode and Mayo Film Review podcast, I was startled to hear that, despite feeling like such an expert on the show that I created a steady-selling Wittertainment T-shirt out if its many in-jokes, it turns out that… I made a mistake. For some reason, I thought that the custom of appending one’s degrees and/or credentials to one’s correspondence to the show dated back to Mark’s review of Sex And The City (see above). However, I learned from Mark’s reading out of Ben Sutherland’s tweet that this phenomenon dates much farther back, 10 years in fact, all the way to a discussion that followed the review of “March of the Penguins”. I must have confused the frequent self-identification of men who enjoyed the nominally-aimed-at-women Sex and the City, with the appending of credentials which I must have merely noticed at around the same time. This is such an obscure piece of Wittertainment-related trivia (WRT?) that even Mark himself had utterly forgotten it. But no longer! I shall amend have amended my Wittertainment T-Shirt design (and accompanying description) to reflect this new and more accurate information. The only sad thing is that I’ll miss the figure of Sarah Jessica Parker on the graphic – it was certainly one of the more eye-catching design elements. Somehow I feel that a waddling penguin won’t provide quite the same effect. Oh well… Without further ado… here is the new artwork! Kermode-and-Mayo-Tropes-Poster-III

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  1. Thanks for the update Adam. You can prolly maintain the image “balance” with a penguin silhouette in the same spot – accuracy over style every time ;)

    Any idea on the timeline for the updated tee?

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