Vancouver Rape Relief volunteers profiled this week in two separate media reports

ji-article-extract This week, the media is ablaze with coverage of volunteers for Vancouver Rape Relief and women’s shelter – including me. Jewish Independent profiles my VRR work First, the Jewish Independent has a story about me that focuses on the volunteer work I do for Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter. It was written by my friend, writer and filmmaker Cassandra Freeman, and while I am normally a shameless publicity hound, I confess it feels a little unusual to be profiled for this work, which I choose to do for entirely personal reasons, not any public recognition. But ultimately, I’m glad at anything that helps Rape Relief (and the men’s Housefunding Committee) get more attention – especially with their annual fundraising Walk only days away. (You can read more details about the walk here.) Click the image to view a scan of the entire article as it appears in this week’s print edition of the JI – or read it online at the Jewish Independent’s website. Tin Can Drive featured in the Courier The other story to hit the stands focuses on the upcoming walk and the monthly Tin Can street fundraising drive, and includes interviews with D’Arcy Pocklington and Jacqueline Gullion, two of my fellow volunteers with the Housefunding Committee. It’s a very cool article – check it out here. Like the J.I. article above, the print version includes a photo which is left out of the online version, so if you want to see D’Arcy and Jacqueline, be sure to pick up a copy of your local Courier this week!

3 thoughts on “Vancouver Rape Relief volunteers profiled this week in two separate media reports

  1. Enjoyed the article Adam, and learning more about you. Keep up the great work. I’m so glad you’re marrying my friend Christine.

  2. Ooops, logged in as you, so now you are not only calling yourself a “publicity hound” and “sweetie”, you’re telling yourself that you love you. :-D (This is Christine! Your “Logout” button doesn’t work.)

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