Catering or musician suggestions for our wedding?

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As many of you already know, my partner Christine and I have announced our engagement! Yes, after nearly four and a half decades of singlehood, I’m finally crossing over into the land of maturity and getting hitched. Hooray! Now comes the fun part: planning the nuptials. Oh, boy… it’s quite the project. Naturally there are lots of things to sort out, and decisions to make. Chief among these are the food, and the music. For the former, we’re open to lots of possibilities though there are some specific dishes we’d like to include. For the latter, we’re committed to having a live band… and some horns would be nice too! Since nothing is more reassuring than a recommendation that comes from personal experience, I’m throwing the question out to everyone: can you recommend a good source for the catering… or a great band to provide the tunes? And if you have any other suggestions, tips or advice on putting on a fun and whimsical yet down-to-earth ceremony and celebration, while not breaking the bank, they would be extremely welcome. Looking forward to your feedback – email me at Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Catering or musician suggestions for our wedding?

  1. Hi Adam,

    My only suggestion for food would be something simple for me to eat. That’s all I ask.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Adam,
    when is the wedding.

    Do you want music in the church as well as for the reception?

    let me know what you are looking for and i can, if you are interested, put something together.

    Good luck with all of the organizing

  3. IMPO, the cake shouldn’t be too rich, not too much frosting. A fruit filling helps that out. Many bakeries will give you samples of cake / frosting / fillings to take home for your significant other to taste.

  4. Congratulations. You do what you want; it is your day. Don’t think you need an open bar.Let them buy their own drinks but we did include a free drink ticket…the first one….saves having drunk drivers on the road. Too much money for no real good purpose. Everyone has their own ideas. Keep it simple…Just have fun and others will too.

  5. Hey Adam.

    That is a great photo of you guys.

    I hope you get a band that can play a variety of music styles. Not just “the Wedding Singer”. A band that could SWING would be very cool.

    I will look forward to being at your wedding.


  6. Congratulations Adam…this is such wonderful fantabulously bubblicious news I am so happy for the two of you! Yeah like Brian said a band that swings with horns…as for the catering you might try OTL catering, they have done some really cool unique and fun weddings in the past..How about a cupcake cake!!

  7. WOW!! Congratulations … Gee Adam, excuse me for not responding sooner to your news. As usual, I’m days late at reading email – I browsed through my list earlier, and saw your newsletter with ‘Wedding Bells’, but didn’t think they belonged to YOU!! The photo of you and Christine at the top of this page is simply charming. Sorry, no suggestions … except HAVE A GREAT DAY, whenever That Day is going to be.


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