Help me get captured on Google Street View

Google Street View car Well, the Google Street View (GSV) vehicle has at last been spotted here in Vancouver. If you aren’t familiar with GSV, it’s the feature that shows a street-level view on Google Maps, for certain locations – up to now this has mostly been the US. Now, one or more camera-equipped cars have been spotted prowling the streets of our city, snapping away with their prominent roof-mounted, multi-lensed camera. Although some have an issue with privacy concerns around GSV, I’m in the opposite camp – I’d like to be “captured” by the Google-cam when it reaches my West End neighbourhood! My friend Brian was, down in Castro Valley, California, in front of his parents’ home – it was very cool. To succeed in my quest, I’ll need help to know when GSV is in the ‘hood. So if you spot the Google-mobile, let me know – either email me or, for those of you on Twitter, send a tweet to @cosmocanuck . And hey, if you provide a key tip, I’ll even send you a token of my appreciation. So… keep those eyes peeled! Thanks!

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