Now it can be told: our moving day from hell (and the heavenly heroes who saved us)

IMG_7611 I took the Rambler over to the new place with a load of  items I didn’t want to place on the moving truck – my stereo, a neon sign I’d carefully bubble-wrapped, and a few other things. So I got to be the first one into our new place. IMG_7613 Keys were carefully laid out on the kitchen counter with thoughtful notes alongside. I was almost home, looking forward to the actual move to begin, when my cell rang. It was Christine. Her voice was curt with stress. “The movers are here, and they’re sketchy!” Rounding the corner, I soon saw what she meant. Their moving truck was parked, not on the street, but way down the ramp leading to the underground garage – blocking everyone from using it. I stashed the Rambler at the curb, where the movers should have been. Christine told me the driver had said that “if he got one more parking ticket he would lose his license”. Our assurances that moving trucks don’t get ticketed for parking in front of the buildings they’re moving fell on stubbornly deaf ears. Then Christine asked to see his license – just so we could confirm he had one, and to know with whom we were entrusting all our stuff. That’s when the driver dropped his next bombshell and admitted, “actually, my license was already suspended.” In retrospect, we realized why he’d stashed his truck so far down the ramp. He was hiding from the cops! I approached as this conversation was happening – I could see Bad Things were afoot. A decision was made. We told the mover that we didn’t want to proceed – he’d have to put back the items he’d already placed on his truck. Although I’d had a hard time finding any mover who was free on the 31st when I made calls over a week before, we both felt we had no choice but to figure out some kind of alternative. Another disaster was only a minute away, though.

7 thoughts on “Now it can be told: our moving day from hell (and the heavenly heroes who saved us)

  1. Hey Love,

    Mom and I just read this through. I had told them the story, but how nice it was to have it here with pics. (It almost makes up for the annoying picture taking you kept insisting on in the middle of the “Hell”!)

    I’m going to send the link on to all my family and friends so they can have a quick read too. Great writing!

  2. Dear Adam & Christine,

    I cannot believe what you went through. I am pleased that it finally worked out well.
    I have to ask you this question son…..Did I miss something when I was raising you?

    I look forward to seeing you both at Xmas.

    Lots of love to you both.

    Momma Eileen

  3. Dear Lord
    You poor people. SO glad to hear that your heroes helped you out. God Bless friends and good Samaritans.
    Enjoy your new place!

  4. And in the chaotic aftermath of all this your oblivious clients (like me) kept shoveling stuff at you through cyberspace, and you maintained a cheerful demeanour throughout. What a guy! What a pair! May fortune smile upon you both in your beautiful new home.

  5. Wow!! Did you ever feel surreal, like you were acting in a sitcom and it wasn’t all really unfolding the way it did??! Because that is how I felt reading it! Very well written Adam!! I saw your Rambler that day being towed near Denman and Comox, and I just sent you guys a lot of positive energy!! I think it would actually make a really great short movie!! I do have questions, did the movers who lost their license end up taking anything of yours in the truck? And hows the rambler now? (Remember, I have a fondness for ramblers, as it was our family car when I was little!) And I wish you both many, many peaceful, harmonious and joyous moments in your new home!!

  6. Hey, Adam. Congratulations on your wedding and your (finally) successful move into your new home. There is definitely a great accomplishment to purchasing a home. I moved to Brockville, Ontario, some years ago, as you know, and I am co-owner of income property with my family, and I definitely understand what you have been through. Best wishes to you all. I really enjoy your missives and newsletters. Great story! PS: I miss you all from the acting school days and hope to visit you all soon. Glad to see you are still doing some great gigs.

  7. Adam, Chris! here we are in Las Vegas, we don’t gamble, it’s too cold to sun tan and eating is out because we are recovering from the stomach flu and the most marvelous entertainment comes. Your Moving Day!
    Love Mom and Dad.
    PS I kept saying ” Christine you needed your Dad” and when the stove needed cleaning, ” Christine and Adam, you needed your Mom.

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