7 photos of my first ride on the Canada Line

Kids on Skytrain On Monday I took a first ride on our spanking-new Canada Line branch of the Skytrain system. I’d been reluctant to patronize it on principle, while TransLink continues to harass small business owners, but curiosity and convenience got the better of me. And political misgivings aside, the line itself is pretty cool. It still has that new-transit-line smell. And the one best feature? The new improved wide-screen front windows. Awesome! The round track stretches out ahead, and you can imagine you’re Spaceman Spiff piloting a futuristic high-tech shuttlecraft. Er, I mean, kids can do that… right… Here’s seven photos of the ride!

1 thought on “7 photos of my first ride on the Canada Line

  1. You should so grab some stick on decals for buttons, plaster them on the front to make a console and scare the heck out of people by making them think you’re actually driving the thing.

    Er…I mean, that’s what some kids should do…

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