A homemade silent comedy film from 1956

I’ve been helping my friend Erna Maurer (of Wise Owl Productions) to edit some old 16mm footage she recently had converted to DVD. Among the treasures that were revived from a dusty box of film were a couple of short comedic films that she and her husband Ken, along with their friends, put together back in Los Angeles back in 1956 or so. It was a real joy to take these silent productions and add music, as well as tightening up the editing to make them “flow” even better. So, fifty-plus years after they were shot as an amateur film project, here I was, finally finishing them off with some Hollywood polish. Amazing! Here is one of these films – seeing the light of day and available for viewing by the world after all this time. Enjoy… and check out more short films and travelogues on Erna’s YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “A homemade silent comedy film from 1956

  1. Adam, that film’s a treasure! You should start a web-based company doing that with peoples’ old footage!

  2. Hi!

    I’m a friend of Adam’s and a film/video person.

    Great show. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

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