Always take your camera

It’s an age-old axiom of photography – if you see the perfect photo, there’s not much point in it unless you have your camera with you. I still seem to need to learn this lesson. Out I went today on my bike to see a client downtown, and for some reason I skipped my usual step of grabbing my camera. (Biking gives you so many more street-level opportunities to spot interesting things.) Gliding home on the wide sidewalk of West Georgia, I pass a young father pushing his toddler in a stroller. But then, a few seconds farther along, coming the other way, there’s an elderly lady in a wheelchair, elegantly dressed, a young woman pushing her steadily along. The very mirror-image of the father and child. And I realized I had more than enough time to easily double back, hop up on the (perfectly positioned) ledge adjacent to the sidewalk, and wait until they approached each other. Click. An iconic and meaningful image. The opposite edges of our lifetimes. Pushed along for the first and the second times. OK, maybe just a cliche but an image I’d have been pleased to capture. Even the lighting was just right – bright, clear and at a 3/4 angle to really bring out the dimensionality of the subjects. But… no camera. Oh well… let this serve as a lesson to myself and anyone reading this… in this era of digital photography there is no excuse for not bringing the camera along!

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