At long last… our wedding photos!

Adam and Christine's Wedding At long last, only about three months after the big event, here they are – the very best photos of our big night. From the cupcakes to the Ketubah, the surprise serenade to the late-night limo, it’s all here! There was of course a lot to cover, so to help keep things manageable I’ve separated the pics into two galleries:

Ceremony begins

The Event!

This gallery presents the highlights of the evening – the toasts, the ceremony, and all the key moments from start to finish.


Gallery of Guests!

If you were there… you’re probably in here! Have a look at (almost) all of the fun and fabulous folks who helped us celebrate the occasion.

3 thoughts on “At long last… our wedding photos!

  1. Strangely, all I remember is chocolate cake and red spots dancing in my eyes.

    xoxo, you two,


  2. I must share this with all who will read this. I am a very lucky woman, as I have the most wonderful daughter-in-law (honorary daughter) I could have hoped to get.
    She is thoughtful and very kind, and my son Adam & Christine are a perfect match.

    With love

    Momma Eileen

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