“Battle in Seattle” films in downtown Vancouver

On the weekend of November 4 and 5, the WTO protests of seven years before were recreated in downtown Vancouver – for a motion picture. The ironies abounded – not only the idea of an anti-capitalist demonstration becoming another Hollywood backdrop, but also the sight of patient, well-behaved extras with signs and banners, waiting for their cue to start marching and shouting. The location (West Hastings in the financial district) had been cleverly disguised as Seattle, our neighbour a mere three hours’ drive south. Everything was in place, from street signs and newspaper boxes, to “Seattle Welcomes WTO” banners, right down to the “call to action” posters plastered on the streetlamps. This actually sounds like it could be good, and not just a Tinseltown hack job. Harrelson’s presence is encouraging and gives it some cred… Here’s an article on the original turtle protesters. Here’s an excellent summary of the movie.

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  1. I love these things. I work downtown and I bike to work. One day I am in Philadelphia, another day in NYC. My city of origin – Lodz in Poland, was like that too. There was always some filming going on. Not NYC kind of thing but more like 19 century Europe stuff.

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