‘Bruce’ reference in the media

It was a treat to see “Bruce, The Musical” referred to by a Globe and Mail columnist recently: Rod Mickleburgh mentioned it while writing about local Vancouver politics. And it wasn’t even a direct comment about the show – instead he used the success of “Bruce” as a setup for a joke of his own about departing mayor Sam Sullivan:
Before becoming mayor, Sam said he was jealous of council colleagues who were regularly “thwacked” by the media, while he received mostly “saccharine” coverage. “But sure enough, I got to feel [the thwacking] myself. And you know, I wear it as a badge of honour.” So I’m sure the mayor won’t mind my disclosure that, following the success of the Bruce Eriksen musical, a similar production celebrating Mr. Sullivan’s early days in office is now in the works. Called, of course, Spamalot.

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