Cheques & Balances

Note from March 2014: The following is now strictly of historical interest, as the Mac OS can no longer even run this kind of program. But hey, I had a good run with it, and am proud of it. So, I’m leaving it here for posterity. But don’t bother downloading it – unless you’re still working on a Mac Classic… Cheques and BalancesI created this utility to be a simple alternative to my traditional chequebook. 14 (!) years later, its functionality continues to perform flawlessly and serve my day-to-day needs. It’s no substitute for sophisticated financial-tracking software like Quicken, but what it does, it does well. You can: • Track all transactions, including ATM and automated debits • Insert credits and debits from previous dates • Reconcile your displayed total with your bank statement Note: this is a Mac-only application. Sorry, PC users! Also, you cannot import or export data – Cheques & Balances is a stand-alone database. Download Cheques & Balances

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