Come see an amazing dance performance

This upcoming weekend, you have an opportunity to enjoy, free of charge, an electrifying tap and swing-dance performance, featuring a troupe of incredible dancers, set to a pulsating musical soundtrack. I’m part of this multimedia performance being presented as part of the gala opening of the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia later this month. Althought the event itself is a real top-drawer affair and not for the faint of wallet, there will be a full dress rehearsal of the evening’s entertainment one week prior to the big night – free and open to the public. Until last week I had only rehearsed my portion of the show. But now I’ve seen what else is in store, and it’s pretty amazing. Acrobatic swing dancing and a big, exciting tap number straight out of a 1940’s musical. But wait – there’s more! You also get traditional Jewish wedding dances! And a big closing number I have not seen yet but which promises to be a real “grand finale”. I’m part of a quartet who sings “To Life” from Fiddler on the Roof – and I do play a bit of a “character” in that section (I’ll leave the details as a surprise for now). I also will be narrating a portion of the show. The dress rehearsal is due to start at 2pm, Sunday March 18th, at the Wosk Auditorium at the Jewish Community Centre (41st, just east of Oak). If you can make it down there, I know you will really enjoy it. I hope to see you there – do let me know if you can make it.

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  1. Adam, I so totally wanted to see this, but time management got the best of me. Looks like I’ll be scraping my pockets instead of reaping the benefits of public rehearsals…

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