Dancing Matt video released (and lands me on the front page of the Sun!)

Dancing Matt, who gained fame via the Net by dancing his way around the world, came to Vancouver last fall for some brand-new boogieing. I was there along with a crowd of fun-loving folks. Now, the video has finally been released. The Vancouver Sun even covered it, featuring a similar image to the one below on Page 1 – so I can legitimately say that my photo was front-page news! You just need to look reeeeally closely. (Sadly, the photo is not included in the online edition.) I’ve done a low-tech version of Facebook tagging here and also pointed out my friend Jhayne Holmes – it was thanks to Jhayne’s blog that I learned about this event in the first place! The entire video is at http://www.wherethehellismatt.com. Also check out my behind-the-scenes video report submitted at the time.

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