Wallpaper art template for WIND Mobile’s basic phone

I just made the leap from Virgin to WIND Mobile, and besides the great calling plan (unlimited calls to Canada from Vancouver or major urban centres for just $25/month, a deal that’s on through October 30) I’m revelling in the newfound freedom and flexibility to add ringtones and desktop art, something my Virgin phone very irritatingly lacked.  And for those with the same phone who also want to unleash their creativity (and are pixel-perfectionists like me), I’ve created a Photoshop template for creating your own “wallpaper” background art. WIND-template.psd (Note: this is a .zip compressed file) This is for their bottom-rung, Huawei U1250 phone. Hey, I’m a cheapskate, and besides, it’s got more features than any previous phone I’ve used, including a better camera, and even an FM radio of all things! (Though I doubt, realistically, that I’ll really use it.) This is a 241 x 340 pixel file with a clear indication of exactly where your image will be obstructed by the bottom menu bar, or where icons, text or the time display will appear. Best to make sure those areas are uncluttered for the most polished results.

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