Drag Queens vs. Vampires in “Priscilla”

June 16th (preview) to 19th at the Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island

Transylvania’s only modern musical theatre group battles the undead in Priscilla, Queen of the Damned, an uproarious, outrageous musical “monster mashup”! It takes a queen to fight a queen, so when the Vampire Queen next door abducts the entire second soprano section, a trio of cross-dressing crowd-pleasers turn hero and wage war. In this, its 20th production, The Broadway Chorus has pulled out all the stops. There’s fabulous costumes, beautiful princesses, spectacular dances, slapstick comedy, great drag performances, foreign accents, stairs, and beets. And of course drag queens versus vampires … you know, for kids! The terrific score includes gems from such musicals as Legally Blonde, Shrek the Musical, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels as well as a couple of original songs from Gil and Sarah Jaysmith. To reserve tickets e-mail ashley.lm@ubc.ca or call 778-322-7182. Tickets are $20, and $15 for seniors, students, and children (and $15 for the preview night). All shows begin at 8:00pm. The Waterfront Theatre is located at 1412 Cartwright St. on Granville Island, beside the Kid’s Market; there is plenty of free parking after 7:00pm.

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