Fringe Review: The Musical of Musicals – The Musical!

One of the most high-energy, crowd-pleasing offerings at the Fringe, “Musical of Musicals” is a delight! Whether or not you’re a musical-theatre buff, this show will leave you in stitches. It takes the simplest story – girl can’t pay rent, evil landlord demands it, hero pays it – and uses it as a springboard to take the stuffing out of five well-known musical theatre composers and the familiar style and character types that exemplify each. Along the way there are puns and gags aplenty, jokes within jokes, and song titles twisted a bit and worked into dialogue. But even if you aren’t in on the nudge-wink insider humour, you’ll be bowled over by the laugh-out-loud funny songs and the infectious energy, enthusiasm and talent of the performers – Mikal Grant, Steven Greenfield, Anna Kuman, and Collen Winton. Sarah Jaysmith, unseen behind the black curtain, provides perfectly complementary piano accompaniment. Director Ryan Mooney ensures that every line and moment is milked for maximum laughs. The finale manages to shoehorn in a sendup of one additional musical theatre phenomenon. It’s a sparkling and funny surprise to end with. Run, don’t walk, to see “The Musical of Musicals, The Musical!”

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