Fun Day in San Francisco

I’m on vacation in the Bay Area for the holidays, and spent a day in San Francisco with my good friend Brian. We started at the Civic Center area, where I recreated a scene from the 70’s horror classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Then we headed for the Mission District where we rambled around the neighbourhood taking in the local colour and funky shops. View pics from this part of the day! Original 001.jpg A highlight of the Mission was the alleyway which serves as a sort of outdoor art gallery, with a series of creative, colourful murals on display, each one bursting with energy and invention. I recall that, back in my art school days at CCAC, I was here on a “field trip” with one of my classes. It was nice to be back, and to see the latest vibrant works of art! Click the image below to take a walk down Clarion Street and get a sampling of the incredible visuals. 002.jpg We ended up on Church Street for the Cartoonist Conspiracy art jam, a weekly gathering of comic artists (which this evening included Doc Popular, Mike Hales, Kraig Rasmussen and of course my friend Brian Kolm) who swap stories and improvise drawings over coffee. Not only did I join them, I even got to draw a panel! View the art jam. 004.jpg By 9:30, it was time to head back home through the rain on bus and BART. Thus ended a totally fun and memorable day in The City!

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  1. It was a blast, as always, hanging with you buddy. Bummer that you are normally all the way in Vancouver. Guess I will have to come up for a visit some time soon.

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