Adam 2.0

Er, ahem… (tap, tap…) is this thing on? Hello world! Yes, it’s true. I have finally jumped on board the Blogging Bandwagon. As with many other things that have revolutionized the Web, I held back longer than most. I had no need for such trendy tools. No need for me to share a diary with the world. (Or whatever portion of it would pay any attention.) I do my web-building from scratch… with my bare hands! So, yes, I scoffed. Sure, I could do it myself. But I found, more and more, that I wasn’t. It was just too tedious. And the new tools out there were mature enough that I could make use of them within my site without compromising control over the look and feel. Because in the end, “blog” is just tech talk for an easy-to-update site. What really matters is that I can now add photos, videos, and updates with just a few mouse clicks. That means you can look for lots more on the site, and more often! I welcome your comments and feedback on the new site. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Adam 2.0

  1. Nope, just the blog page only. I’m considering adding separate blogs for photos, videos, etc. but am holding off for now!

  2. Like the ease of seeing the photos and videos. Posting photos of people is a great hook to get people to your site. Looking forward to “Fiddler.”

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