Help get me on “MAD MEN”!

The new season of “Mad Men” has begun, and there’s a big contest on, with the prize being a walk-on bit part on the show. Now, I’m a retrophile from way back (with a ’63 Rambler, a closet full of vintage clothes, and a love of everything mid-century) who is crazy about “Mad Men”. I’m also an aspiring actor who’s done a couple of commercials… and this would be a dream opportunity. In short, I was born to enter this contest. But to have a chance of winning, I need your help. I ask for two things – hopefully they are both easy. The first, of course, is your vote. Just visit this link to register yours:

Click here to vote for me!

(You can also use this link:

Unfortunately, open voting means that this is really not about how good my photo is. It’s all about the votes. The top-ranked entrants so far have remarkably high numbers – and I’m guessing they don’t have 200,000 close, personal friends, they are working their social networks and connections. To have a chance, that’s what I have to do too. So I’m counting on you! Please forward this message to as many friends as you feel comfortable sharing my quest with. Post it to your Facebook profile. Tweet about it on Twitter. Send it to your entire address book! As important as your vote is, the best way you can help me is to spread the word. Note that the voting ends on September 6, so we have only a little more than two weeks to get this as “viral” as possible. Sure, the odds are against me. But I’m an optimist. With your help, I think I have a shot! And when they tell me they’re ready for me on the set, and I stroll out to join Jon Hamm and the cast of “Mad Men”… I’ll be thanking each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks! Adam

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