“HEWOES” – comic book parody

HewoesParody Press Comics has come up with a wicked parody of “HEROES”! They’ve even put a sneak peek online. I for one will be heading down to my local comic shop to snag a copy – it looks hilarious! It’s done in the authentic style of the MAD magazine parodies – complete with the square comic balloons, introductory soliloquies from the main characters, and richly detailed drawing style full of little sight gags. Here’s a bit of a summary from their website: When cheerleader Klair Bendit discovers her weird powers playing Twister and her dad’s secret project involving strangers from around the world, the fun begins. Meet the enigmatic Pastrami brothers, Internet Weathergirl Sniki Sanders, constipated Japanese office worker Hewoe, and Mohinder Night Shalaman, who is trying to make sense of the whole thing while a berserk hairdresser named Styler is on the rampage! There are two versions of the cover, one with the “good guys”, one with the bad. You can also order one or both Heroes parodies online at their site. Check it out!

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