“The Trouble With Richard”

Exciting news – I’m in a play, The Trouble With Richard! My first non-musical is a very funny romantic comedy. And although I’m the lead, I’m very much in the eye of a comedic storm, surrounded by a bunch of outsize characters who keep the hilarity rolling along. Here’s the synopsis: For a quiet guy, Richard’s life is getting complicated. He wants to propose to the girl he loves but he has to get his best buddy Jack off the couch first. As he struggles to get everything just right, Willie, the Scottish superintendent, wrestles with the plumbing, and his infatuated neighbour Andrew constantly hounds him. Will Richard be able to get the mood just right and win the girl of his dreams? The Trouble With Richard features Greg Bosworth (Jack), Angela Martin (Gwyneth), Barry Walker (Willie), Tracy Labrosse (Veronica) and Paul Tourneur (Andrew). This is really a great show – full of funny characters, great one-liners, and hilarious situations, as well as some truly touching moments. And our director, Clive Sanders, is helping make every little detail as good as it can be. It’s really going to be fun. I hope you can come and see it! Preview: Feb. 9. Show runs Feb. 10-11, 15-18 and 22-25. Location: Hendry Hall, 815 East 11th St., North Vancouver. View Map.

For tickets, call (604) 983-2633 or order online!


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  1. I am so sorry that I missed this show, Adam. I bet it was very successful, that you were great, and that a good time, hopefully, was had by all. (Today’s date is March 14 and I’m writing you an email, which I INTEND to get off to you today.)

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