It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… It’s the “forgotten” Superman musical!

supermanpromo.gif Here’s a rare chance to see the long-lost Superman Broadway musical! With music by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams (who would return to the comics a few years later with “Annie”), and a wacky plot, this is a totally fun show. Produced in 1966, it has some hallmarks of the era, including pop psychology and go-go dancing! It’s also quite hilarious – one of the most flat-out fun shows APPLAUSE! has ever done. Something else to note: although APPLAUSE! shows are normally performed with simplified staging and costumes, “Superman” brings APPLAUSE! to the next level, utilizing multimedia big-screen special effects never before seen in one of our “on-book”, concert-style productions. You’ll be dazzled! 1979771340_89e970749e.jpg I play Daily Planet editor Perry White (a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role in this production, alas!) as well as a security guard who shoots it out with bank robbers and a possible candidate for the Man of Steel’s secret identity. And thanks to director Jonas Vedic’s creative staging, I also play parts of a nuclear reactor, a “Brainiac” supercomputer and a radiation shield! Here’s the details: Show dates November 14-16 (preview performance tonight!) At the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts View event details and a map Tickets available at the Shadbolt Centre or by calling (604) 205-3000 NEW! Behind-the-scenes details, photos, and more, in my exclusive Backstage Blog! See you at the show!

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